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Pisces is the twelth and final Sign in the Zodiacal cycle. As a result, the sign brings together many of the characteristics of the other eleven Signs that come before it. People born under the sign of Pisces seem to have an incredibly good understanding of who people truly are and seem to be able to adapt to anyone and any situation or experience very well.

These characteristics are something that a Pisces is not too keen on sharing, and they seem to be happiest keeping many of their qualities under wraps.

Those who are born under the Pisces sign are often selfless, spiritual, and very focused upon their inner journey. They place a great weight on what they are feeling and can often hold on to these feelings a little longer than they should. [continued below]

piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Summer Fog Abstract, by Stephen Conklin, Jr. - www.pisceandelusions.org

"Summer Fog Abstract" | ©2007, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Feelings definitely define Pisceans, and it is not uncommon for them to feel their own burdens and joys as well as those of others. Pisces people are born with a highly evolved intuition and a sense of having been there before. Pisces are often associated with dreams and secrets, which is a logical assessment considering those born under this Sign feel comfortable in an illusional world.

Pisces is represented by a pair of Fish swimming in opposite directions. It is often said that these people are a dual-personality, one side existing within reality, and the other, co-existing within an imaginary world. The duality of a Pisces and their yan and yang sensibility, ability to alternate between reality and non-reality while keeping with their introspective natures, and their constant voyage between consciousness and an unconsicous dream state says a great deal about their intuitive and almost psychic natures. It can often be difficult to pin down a Pisces, as their attention is not very often piqued by the ordinary or mundane.

People born under the sign of Pisces are quite comfortable with the fact that many others would consider them rather flighty or transparent as if they aren't even present. This is because a Pisces is very comfortable in that world they create within their imagination, and they will go there often.

One of the primary goals of a Pisces is to help and heal other people as well as the Earth. People born under this sign have a difficult time with the cruel nature of mankind, because they are able to create a perfect world within their inner-selves and believe everyone else should be able to as well. Pisces have a difficult time understanding that not everyone can work towards finding a form eutopia, let alone even be concerned with it.

The generosity of a Pisces often gets in the way of their own personal needs and priorities, as Pisces often compassionate and charitable behavior leads them to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Pisces is known for sacrificing themselves for everyone else, but rather than dwell over it in a negative way, Pisces tends to feed off of providing for others. The downside to this behavior is the overwhelming majority of lost souls who will take advantage of the gentle Pisces nature. [continued below]

piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Great Yosemite Falls and Valley, by Stephen Conklin, Jr. - www.pisceandelusions.org

"Great Yosemite Falls and Valley" | ©2005, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Pisces are very easy going, down to Earth, and generally very easy to get along with. They tend not to make any waves, often just going with the flow. The quality associated with Pisces is Mutable, of which their easy-going and fluid nature is often attributed to.

Neptune and Jupiter are the ruling planets of Pisces. Jupiter was the original ruler of Pisces, and was the king of the gods. Neptune, the ruler of the seas, was discovered in recent times and also attached to the Sign of Pisces. These two heavenly bodies being paired with Pisces helps to explain where the unique energies directed down to Earth and into Pisces originate.

Spiritually oriented and charitable, compassionate, and easily able to feel another person's pain, Pisces people are generally the kindest, most loyal and understanding friends you could have.

Their over-stimulated imaginations and infinite amount of creativity often inspire some very powerful works and accomplishments out of those who are born under this sign. That same creative imagination also tends to make it difficult for a Pisces to distinguish fact from fantasy as they tend to get caught up within their dreams and views of how they feel things should be.

Pisces have no difficulty voicing their dreams and desires, unless those pleas go unheard. When this happens, they tend to go into a bit of a depression, and their level of pessimism rises. From there, further procrastination and escape from reality often ensues.

Pisces know when to keep their mouths shut - they can certainly be trusted with your secrets and the will keep their own feelings bottled up as well around those who do not appreciate them. Double-cross a Pisces, and you may end up with quite a resentful enemy.

Remember that incredible emotional energy of a Pisces? As beautiful as it often is, a Pisces can only bottle it up for so long. When you hurt a Pisces, you better look out because they are capable of going to the darkside and can inflict a great deal of pain right back. More often than not, however, a Pisces will probably cut their losses and move on, and they have no trouble priding themselves on avoiding those who they despise.

For a Pisces to gain that all important concept of balance back into their lives, they need not go any further than outside with Mother Earth. Sitting along a stream, creek, lake, or any other body of water is a particularly good place for a Pisces, as they are within the realms of their own element. Absorbed by the gentle sounds of nature and the beauty of the Earth, a Pisces will be extemely relaxed and content. Becoming immersed within the arts or any other creative outlet is also a great way for a Pisces to gain back that all important balance and peace of mind. [continued below]

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Sarasota Sunset Silhouette, by Stephen Conklin, Jr. - www.pisceandelusions.org

"Sarasota Sunset Silhouette" | ©2007, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Water is the element that is associated with Pisces, and of course this would explain their go-with-the-flow attitudes. They have an extremely unpredictable and emotional nature and it's already been said just how much a Pisces "feels". Often times a Pisces will feel completely misunderstood, as many people cannot fathom just how much depth there is to the inner workings of them. As sensitive as they may be, and sometimes easy to take advantage of, they are certainly not pushovers and will stand firm for what they believe in.

When a Pisces is down and depressed, if they choose to open up, they can literally cry a river. But their extermely compassionate and imaginative nature fuels their desire to love and cater to others. Pisces know how to be romantic, and they will dream up all kinds of interesting ways to keep you happily on your toes. Fueled by their creative imaginations and that desire to make people feel great, Pisces are incredible lovers. Just be sure to reciprocate some of that love back, because a Pisces needs to know they are needed and appreciated. Otherwise, you may fuel their anxiety and depression. Although they don't need to be bathing in glory, they most certainly need your respect and appreciation to be shown.



piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

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