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Pisces has a strong desire to succeed and a tremendous need for accomplishment. Forever trying to balance these needs while still being able to live within the world created inside their heads is often a difficult task for Pisces, who often get lost within those dreams and emotions.

Drifting out of reality and into that dreamland of theirs is a lot of fun for Pisces, who are known as visionaries of the Zodiac. Pisces often gains valuable insights and clues while in that other world, and being the kind souls they are, they often take thier discoveries and translate them into a way of helping others.

Pisces are sensible, but they aren't quite as practical as others may be. They prefer the life of an artist, writer, musician or anything creative. They have a tendancy to follow their hearts and only enjoy doing what feels good or natural. If they feel appreciated, loved, and truly needed, they are an extremely loyal worker who will be passionate about doing a job above and beyond what is expected of them. And they will have fun doing this work in a creative way, often inspiring coworkers and lifting their spirits in the process. [continued below]

piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Evening Reflections of Harrisburg, PA, by Stephen Conklin, Jr. - www.pisceandelusions.org

"Evening Reflections of Harrisburg, PA" | ©2004, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

When they become passionate about something, Pisces will get completely consumed within their pursuits. Pisces tends to feel things with more intensity than others, and that strong intuition of theirs certainly helps enable those

Pisces can get overwhelmed within those feelings at times, but as troubling as that can be, it's only temporary and they wouldn't really want to be any other way. Born to live, learn, love, help, heal and educate others, Pisces enjoys anything that fulfills those roles. They often tend to be extremely artistic and creative in their approach to every task, from every day routines to complex problems that require a unique solution. They tend to see the world in a much more colorful way than most, and will use the entire planet as their canvas.

Pisces also have a strong desire to become a part of or play a role in many humanitarian causes and efforts and are always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. They stand strongly and proudly behind the values they believe in and will articulate a beautiful proposal supporting those beliefs.

The office of a Pisces is likely to be something that has a peaceful and serene ambiance to it, likely adorned with natural landscape photography, plants, fountains, interesting lighting and hand crafted, natural decor. As Pisces often imagine their own world, expect their environments to be creative and unusual, often utilizing the more obscure and hard to find furnishings whenever possible.

Most Pisces would prefer to be self-employed in a creative or humanitarian way, and that desire for self-employment is mainly fueled by their longing to be free of restraint. Although they will not actively rebel and cause a scene, they definitely prefer to not be a part of schedules and routines. But of course, this is not always possible, nor is it necessarily good for physical health. Some Pisces have difficulty staying on track and benefit from having a set schedule and routine to follow. And being self-employed isn't for everyone.

When a Pisces goes to work for someone, they definitely put forth a tremendous effort and work their job as if it were their own company, often employing standards higher than their employers. Pisces are always looking to for ways to make things better and life easier for everyone, so they'll often be the ones suggesting new ideas in the workplace. Their intuition and knowledge, desire to learn, intense loyalty, and extremely well-mannered nature are all excellent traits which should enable them to move up to the top of any career they seek out.

Caring, compassionate and kind, Pisces make some of the greatest caregivers, and will nurture their patients back to health with their gentle spirits. Many Pisces pursue careers in the medical field where they have the ability to help heal, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and pshychologists. Don't forget their love for all things in life and nature, not just humans - Pisces make great veterinarians as well.

Pisces are also excellent at working with children and have the ability to get right on their level while also having the maturity and responsibility needed to help create the perfect environment and educational experience for those children.

Pisces Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Pisces might consider:

Actor - Art critic - Artist - Bartender - Brewer - Charity worker
Chemist - Civil Rights Activist/Attorney - Conductor - Costume designer
Counselor - Criminal justice personnel - Curator - Dancer
Designer - Flight Attendant - Illusionist - Illustrator - Musician
Painter - Photographer - Poet - Religious leader
Scrap dealer - Secret agent - Shoemaker
Social worker - Sommelier - Spiritualist
Window dresser



piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

Train Crossing the Rockville Bridge, by Stephen Conklin, Jr. - www.pisceandelusions.org

"Train Crossing the Rockville Bridge" | ©2008, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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piscean delusions - pisces art, all about pisces, information and more.

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