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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for October 2007

Mon Oct 1: Higher Perception

A partner or spouse will help you extend your personal awareness and consciousness today in a positive way. Perhaps he or she has just the plan you need and can see past something that had previously been blocking your view. Enlightenment through your partner is only a few words away. Opportune colours are blueberry and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 19 and 3.

Tue Oct 2: Hypersensitive

The Moon in Cancer is always emotional but today she aligns with Mars, the planet of action and courage, also in Cancer. The results are super powered emotions and instincts but also the potential to overdo it with your sensitivity. For you there could be a very emotional situation with your children to tend to and you must be aware of their intense feelings of insecurity today. Be sensitive to them and not only yourself. Insightful colours are ruby and wheat. Lucky numbers are 20 and 26.

Wed Oct 3: Loving Work

This is a banner day for you professionally and you have the intensity and grace to accomplish much. Everyone at the office will be very receptive to your powerful presence. Beneficial colours are caramel and magnolia. Lucky numbers are 27 and 25.

Thu Oct 4: No Fun

You may be a little irritated at the inability you have to run off and escape today. You crave adventure and a bit of a gamble but you know everyone is watching you and you cannot chance looking irresponsible today. Stable colours are walnut and silver. Lucky numbers are 40 and 46.

Fri Oct 5: Esoteric

The manner of your thinking today is quite esoteric and you seem to be able to apply your mindset favorably to your work and routine in a way that brings you more personal depth and satisfaction but makes you look a bit dramatic in the eyes of co-workers. Expansive colours are plum and champagne. Lucky numbers are 39 and 60.

Sat Oct 6: The Veil

It's a good day for you to spend as much time alone as possible. Introspection, seclusion and meditation are favored ways to use the energy of the day. In addition, serving others such as spending time in a charitable organization or hospital setting will help you ground yourself. Today you surely need some grounding. Fortuitous colours are vanilla and spring green. Lucky numbers are 38 and 73.

Sun Oct 7: Clarity

You are feeling quite serious today when it comes to the emotional connection you share with a spouse or close partner. You'll find yourself examining your feelings with a microscope and although it can feel somewhat restricting at times you also find great clarity in the details. Providential colours are coffee and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 29 and 63.

Mon Oct 8: Venus In Virgo

Today Venus the planet of love and beauty will enter the sign Virgo and tour your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. Your willingness to devote yourself to love is quite strong under this influence and you may find yourself getting serious about commitment as well since Saturn, the planet of stability and endurance is also in this house. Auspicious colours are ice green and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 27 and 34.

Tue Oct 9: Business Expansion

It's a stellar career day for you dear Pisces and you may receive beneficial news today concerning any venture capital, investment or business dealings you have in your profession. The energy indicates positive expansion all around in career and recognition. Polarising colours are tawny gold and violet. Lucky numbers are 38 and 45.

Wed Oct 10: Upheaval

An upheaval today could compromise an important matter affecting your personality and identity. The undercurrent of attaining emotional security through remoteness is broken up by your own pattern of creating chaos. Receptive colours are aquamarine and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 8 and 60.

Thu Oct 11: New Moon

Today there is a New Moon in your eighth house of transformation. This is a perfect time to re- evaluate your investments and financial matters but it is also a time of heightened sexual activity as well as personal transformation through your interaction with other people's resources. A personal regeneration will occur. Uplifting colours are tangerine and beige. Lucky numbers are 21 and 19.

Fri Oct 12: Mercury Retrograde

From today until November 2nd, Mercury the planet of communication and thought is retrograde in your ninth house of higher thought, other cultures, spirituality and long distance travel. It is likely that you'll experience significant travel delays during this time period so be prepared and exercise patience. Opportune colours are platinum and hazelnut. Lucky numbers are 15 and 54.

Sat Oct 13: Perceptive Pisces

You are experiencing positive energy today that allows you to search for your vision in the deepest recesses of your soul and easily find them. You are likely to perceive beyond the physical plane easily today so be open to the experiences and how they might transform you. Opportune colours are dark yellow and magenta. Lucky numbers are 23 and 15.

Sun Oct 14: Commitment

The depth of your commitment to a partner or spouse is tested today and if the bond is enduring it will certainly deepen, whereas if there are cracks in the relationship you will have to face them, Pisces. Fortunate colours are sage green and salmon. Lucky numbers are 23 and 6.

Mon Oct 15: Public

You want to be in the public gaze and recognized for original your opinions. You will affect the thoughts of others in a way that encourages them to broaden their horizons and their minds. Ideal colours are navy and dark gold. Lucky numbers are 19 and 67.

Tue Oct 16: Harmony

The communication in your professional environment is harmonious and if you have clients, an agent or a business partner you will see an opportunity open up. One of your fabulous traits is your ability to collaborate with others peacefully. Opportune colours are ochre and dark green. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.

Wed Oct 17: Travel

There is a good possibility that your energy will lead you to travel today or to plan a trip. It would be for recreation, not business and it's likely to be full of adventure and activity. Prosperous colours are apricot and white. Lucky numbers are 26 and 17.

Thu Oct 18: Supporting Individuality

You will feel an enormous amount of emotional support from a friend today. He or she will respect your need for freedom and individuality while assuring you that the friendship is enduring. Energising colours are burgundy and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 13 and 48.

Fri Oct 19: Educating Partner

Your spouse or partner will provide you with some stimulating information today that lends support to your practical intellectual connection. Be sober in your faith and stand firm. Opportune colours are fuchsia and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 15 and 60.

Sat Oct 20: Deep Access

You have the keen perception today to uncover and heal a personal psychological breakthrough that will ultimately help you move forward in a career or professional matter. It could have something to do with your early relationship with your father. Insightful colours are copper and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 21 and 9.

Sun Oct 21: Unconscious

You are drowning in a sea of hidden emotion and it's actually a place you surrender to quite naturally today. You prefer to be alone and meditative so you have the opportunity to go deep within. Providential colours are ice green and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 7 and 28.

Mon Oct 22: Love Connection

Today is tailor made for romance and surrendering your deeper instincts to a lover. You will enjoy an energetic exchange as well, so it will be a day of emotional and physical fulfillment and joy. Fortunate colours are mango and silver. Lucky numbers are 37 and 77.

Tue Oct 23: Sun In Scorpio

Today the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio and your ninth house of higher learning, long distance travel and spirituality. You are likely to spend more time and energy on spiritual matters or educational pursuits over the next few weeks. Advantageous colours are ivory and violet. Lucky numbers are 3 and 20.

Wed Oct 24: Mercury Retrograde Libra

Although Mercury has been retrograde since the 12th, today it re-enters your eighth house of transformation and you will be thinking more about those Freudian slips that might actually mean something important. Dynamic colours are bright orange and burnished gold. Lucky numbers are 9 and 70.

Thu Oct 25: Defeating Relationships

You have such a rebellious energy today towards your spouse or business partner. You feel stifled and caged in over a certain matter and will react by destroying whatever is in your path to a more free social expression. Your partner will not appreciate the tornado. Energising colours are passionfruit and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 60.

Fri Oct 26: Full Moon

There is a Full Moon in Taurus and it illuminates your third house of communication. You might complete an important writing or learning project or perhaps you will have an ending to a short distance travel matter in some capacity. You may need to buy a new car or you might receive news from a sibling. Empowering colours are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 20 and 31.

Sat Oct 27: Career Transformation

You have supportive energy today to help you make a major renewal in a professional matter. It will be something that requires you to employ the talents of others and you may have tried this in the past. This time it should work in your favor. Fortunate colours are strawberry and pearl. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.

Sun Oct 28: Live Wire

It seems as if nothing can hold you back today. You are an emotional live wire in the eyes of family members and you might want to take care that you don't explode in front of the wrong person and have your eccentricity turned against you. Inspirational colours are buttercup yellow and silvery pink. Lucky numbers are 3 and 46.

Mon Oct 29: Overdone

You might have overextended yourself in terms of business obligations with your clients or perhaps the responsibilities you've assumed for a business partner. Realize that it's time to take a bit of this excess off your plate and hand it over to someone who might be hungrier for work. Polarising colours are jade and apricot. Lucky numbers are 27 and 1.

Tue Oct 30: Unconscious Growth

The good news today is that you're likely to receive a reward from a hidden source. It seems that someone is aware of your expansive efforts to propel yourself forward in career matters and your growth will not go unnoticed. Beneficial colours are bronze and silver. Lucky numbers are 8 and 60.

Wed Oct 31: Neptune Direct

Neptune, the planet of inspiration, illusion, confusion and delusion turns direct after several months of retrograde motion. This is a powerful time for you to keep connected to your inner self. In addition, a matter having to do with someone in your life who is ill or downtrodden in some capacity might resurface. Energising colours are magenta and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 1 and 13.

Pisces Daily Horoscope forecasts for October 2007 have been written by Maria Vaiano.

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