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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for September 2007

Sat Sep 1: Plans And Strategies

You're considered an authority where work or service that requires a steady, upper hand and consistent guidance to complete. Organization and effectiveness are your strengths lately, so everyone wants you on the job. Providential colours are blueberry and caramel. Lucky numbers are 76 and 18.

Sun Sep 2: Saturn In Virgo

Since Saturn will be touring your seventh house of marriage and partnerships you can expect the next couple of years to bring enduring commitment into your life or a karmic ending with your connection to a close partner. Fortuitous colours are burgundy and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 4 and 17.

Mon Sep 3: Domestic Chaos

Today's energy of Mars square Uranus could get quite dicey for you on the home front. You're simply unwilling to tolerate any type of enforcement or restrictions from family members and will likely butt heads with someone close today. It's a great day to redirect the energy on any type of home demolition and renovation if possible. Insightful colours are ivory and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 27 and 74.

Tue Sep 4: Intense Female

Expect a great deal of intense emotion from a female relative such as your mother, grandmother or sister. This person will assert her feelings and possibly drive you batty as a result of expressing emotional anger without any real clarity. Fortunate colours are spring green and russet. Lucky numbers are 5 and 48.

Wed Sep 5: Mercury In Libra

Mercury is going to begin a tour of your eighth house of shared income, other people's values and resources and the occult. From now until September 28th you have a lovely opportunity to learn something new in the area of the occult or investment. Any negotiations with big banks or companies will fare well. Fortuitous colours are burnt orange and fudge. Lucky numbers are 16 and 12.

Thu Sep 6: Unique Fun

Today's energy is pure dynamite when it comes to asserting yourself in a joyous and adventurous way where you nurture your need to experience unusual activities. Have a child or lover join you along the way to enhance your day! Vibrant colours are cornflower blue and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 35 and 3.

Fri Sep 7: Pluto Direct

Pluto, the planet of destruction, transformation and regeneration, moves direct again in Sagittarius today. Pluto is completing a long visit in your tenth house of career and honours and from now until January 2008 will make some permanent and long lasting changes in your status and profession. Losses are necessary for growth, so prepare to be pruned! Prosperous colours are lilac and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 6 and 40.

Sat Sep 8: Venus Direct

Venus the planet of love, beauty and money, turns direct after being retrograde since July 27th in your house of service, health and work. There is now great clarification on your personal values in these matters thanks to the retrograde period. You can assert your self worth with renewed confidence and trust in your ability to serve and tend to details. Favourable colours are brilliant white and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 1 and 66.

Sun Sep 9: Erratic Relationship

The twists and turns in a relationship will be more than you bargained for today tender Pisces, yet it seems you are the one actually initiating this energy so try and be aware of what you are doing or feeling that is making the upheaval occur in the first place. Favourable colours are fawn and garnet. Lucky numbers are 19 and 22.

Mon Sep 10: Walk Away

You've tried your very best to maintain peace and harmony with a certain female, but she is completely irritating today and it seems there's not much you can do to avoid a confrontation. Be polite, turn your back and walk away. Expansive colours are sage and chestnut. Lucky numbers are 31 and 69.

Tue Sep 11: Solar Eclipse

Today there is a Solar Eclipse in your seventh house of partnerships and marriage. This could be the mark of a new chapter in your life dear Pisces and it should be quite an exciting time indeed! Relationships have ended over the past several months but you can look ahead to the next few months as seeds being planted for new beginnings. Revealing colours are peacock blue and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 25 and 29.

Wed Sep 12: Secret Partner

This could be a blind date, it could be a person you met in a "behind the scenes" type of way or you could literally meet this person at a hospital or institution. Either way, expect a new relationship to form from a "hidden" place. Intuitive colours are jasmine and saffron. Lucky numbers are 36 and 8.

Thu Sep 13: Partner Mediation

It's a fortunate day for collaboration in a big business endeavour. Major money could be involved as is the importance of partnership and faith in one another. Things will go very well because you believe they should. Positive colours are aubergine and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 29 and 61.

Fri Sep 14: Undercurrents

You have a keen sense today for the undercurrents of energy around your workplace and know how best to restructure the environment in order to improve productivity and reliable output from employees or co-workers. Fortunate colours are copper and emerald. Lucky numbers are 37 and 33.

Sat Sep 15: Soul Awareness

Your feelings and emotions are preoccupied today with philosophical or spiritual contemplation that will expand your consciousness and open you up to the occult or mystical realms. Ideal colours are avocado and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 3 and 29.

Sun Sep 16: Schism

You'll be going through extreme mental swings today and your thought patterns and speech might reflect the schism you feel. There is something hidden or taboo and you have some difficulty with the truth today, Pisces. Alluring colours are silver and spearmint. Lucky numbers are 25 and 9.

Mon Sep 17: Sun Square Mars

The energy of your spouse or close partner is not conducive to harmony in the home today, Pisces. The nagging, critical part of your partner is lashing out at everyone. Duck and cover! Soothing colours are peach and cream. Lucky numbers are 37 and 5.

Tue Sep 18: Tender Pisces

You're tender to begin with as a Pisces and today you're full of daydreaming fantasies and sensitive thoughts as usual. However, today you can achieve transformation by the power of your own surrender. Opportune colours are lavender and apricot. Lucky numbers are 33 and 56.

Wed Sep 19: Sun Square Pluto

Business partners or a close relationship connected to your career could be on the verge of explosion today. Strong resentment is likely over power struggles, but this energy is prevalent at the moment and is almost impossible to overcome. Harmonious colours are amethyst and lemon. Lucky numbers are 5 and 54.

Thu Sep 20: Serious Social

There could be a business or social event on the calendar this evening and your spouse or partner wants you and everyone else to be there. Enjoy the respite of heavy energy today because it's possibly the most relaxing day of the week. Auspicious colours are strawberry and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 29 and 29.

Fri Sep 21: Career Versus Family

There's a major volatile storehouse of energy today and the potential to become violent over a conflict between your professional life and family dynamics is likely. Favourable colours are peacock blue and primrose yellow. Lucky numbers are 25 and 11.

Sat Sep 22: Redemption

As a Pisces, your purpose in life is to surrender your ego and transcend boundaries to realign with the Source. Today is a day you get to actually achieve this. Propitious colours are turquoise and hazelnut. Lucky numbers are 18 and 77.

Sun Sep 23: Sun In Libra

Today the Sun enters Libra and your eighth house of shared resources and will shine a bright light here for the next few weeks. You'll have enormous energy to walk down the path of your own darkest and deepest self, Pisces. Utilise your talent for business and help others develop their talents in the process. Inspirational colours are russet and burnished gold. Lucky numbers are 27 and 10.

Mon Sep 24: Business Sense

The ability you have in big business related to your personal career today is going to be strengthened. You can transform a career matter into success or be the one with the wise words at the right time. Uplifting colours are rich purple and magenta. Lucky numbers are 1 and 36.

Tue Sep 25: Emotional

Expect a bit of emotional instability today and for others to easily recognise this in you. You may have a day of being bipolar, with erratic mood swings and no rationale behind it. Don't make important decisions today. Powerful colours are coal black and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 16 and 31.

Wed Sep 26: Full Moon

Today there is a Full Moon in Aries and it will illuminate your second house of income, self worth and talents and abilities. The recent changes you made to your budget will show fruition now. You may be seriously contemplating your self worth profile. Auspicious colours are magnolia and bright orange. Lucky numbers are 25 and 17.

Thu Sep 27: Mercury In Scorpio

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into your ninth house of higher learning and this provides a boost of fixed mental energy into any teaching, learning or philosophical pursuit you choose to undertake. Fortunate colours are russet and sage. Lucky numbers are 10 and 41.

Fri Sep 28: Mars In Cancer

Mars, the planet of action and dynamism, enters your fifth house of creative self expression, children and romance. The energy of Mars in Cancer is quite creative and hypersensitive and it is likely your normally imaginative Piscean self will receive a complementary boost to your creative output with this transit. You will be very overprotective of your creative work as well as any children or a romantic partner. Intuitive colours are autumn shades and moonlight blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 6.

Sat Sep 29: Sibling Sacrifice

A sibling or cousin figures prominently today and you may have a past issue resurface with him or her (or them) today. Your communication is instinctual and feeling and they are not grasping what you convey. There is a feeling of one person sacrificing for the other.. Adventurous colours are vanilla and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 23 and 42.

Sun Sep 30: Home Limits

Today, the limitations of your domestic responsibilities or your duty to your spouse or partner can tax you emotionally. Try to be gentle with yourself and not listen to any nagging criticism about you doing your job. You're doing the best you can. Vibrant colours are silver and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 26 and 67.

Pisces Daily Horoscope forecasts for September 2007 have been written by Maria Vaiano.

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