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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for August 2007

Wed Aug 1: Space Cadet

Apologies dear Pisces! You are truly a sign of unsurpassed creativity and compassion but today your emotional flare ups could be a bit too much for anyone around you. Channel the energy into music or poetry for the most effective use. Fortunate colours are hazelnut and mandarin. Lucky numbers are 9 and 40.

Thu Aug 2: Lucky Day!

Today Jupiter, the planet of expansion embraces the Sun in a golden day of abundance for all! You will feel this most keenly in career matters. In fact, you will simply shine professionally today so enjoy your moments! Energising colours are caramel and crimson. Lucky numbers are 15 and 16.

Fri Aug 3: Love Proclamation

You hold no words back today and it bodes you well in matters of the heart. A lover will hear the passion behind everything you have to say and it will elevate your connection tremendously. Prosperous colours are dark purple and foxglove. Lucky numbers are 1 and 64.

Sat Aug 4: Mercury In Leo

You have the planet of communication touring your house of work and service for a few weeks and this will ensure that you can cope and be flexible in all matters of your work routine without any difficulty. Powerful colours are burnished gold and copper. Lucky numbers are 31 and 10.

Sun Aug 5: Sibling Conflict

There could be some problems today between you and a sibling about the responsibility you are sharing and how tasks are delegated. Remember the common goal and focus on the finish line. Beneficial colours are pineapple and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 3 and 22.

Mon Aug 6: Jupiter Direct

Late tonight, Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance finally turns direct in Sagittarius again after being retrograde since April. Jupiter has been touring your tenth house of career, fame and honours so this is an amazing leap forward in positive energy for you professionally. Expect opportunities to fall into your lap! Providential colours are plum and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.

Tue Aug 7: Mars In Gemini

Mars, the planet of action and drive, will begin a several week visit into your fourth house of home and family today energizing domestic happenings. It's a perfect time to begin a physical home renovation project. Conflict in the family and arguments may be louder than usual, but at least things won't be boring. Positive colours are teal blue and cherry. Lucky numbers are 12 and 26.

Wed Aug 8: Venus In Leo

Today Venus, the planet of love and beauty moves back into your sixth house of work, service and health. The harmony needs at the workplace will have to be focused on and you'll be expected to restore balance by acknowledging where narcissism has interfered with getting the job done. Favourable colours are maroon and aqua. Lucky numbers are 19 and 61.

Thu Aug 9: Jupiter Blessing

Today you will feel the power of Jupiter in your tenth house as a major beneficial event takes place for you professionally. Keep your eyes open for small developments that are sure to become a big deal! Inspirational colours are tawny brown and pearl. Lucky numbers are 7 and 28.

Fri Aug 10: Check Up

If you haven't had a physical check up for a while, it might be a good idea to schedule one as you may be ignoring the care of your body because you are being anxious instead of realistic. Don't panic, it's only a doctor's visit. Alluring colours are magenta and platinum. Lucky numbers are 25 and 29.

Sat Aug 11: Home Project

It's a fabulous day to use your active energy in a home related project that requires some purging and organization. Get the family involved; it will be very rewarding! Fortuitous colours are dark purple and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 75.

Sun Aug 12: New Moon

The lunation in your sixth house of work, health and service is a great time to schedule all those doctor's appointments you've put off recently. New work opportunities or projects may surface and you have a lovely two week window to get a new pet if you've been thinking about it. Energising colours are pewter and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 26 and 2.

Mon Aug 13: Responsible Pisces

Responsible, valuable and committed service is required of you today and it's a no nonsense type of week in many respects where you'll find yourself working through projects in a systematic fashion. Inventive colours are pistachio and cherry blossom. Lucky numbers are 15 and 13.

Tue Aug 14: Service Negotiation

Don't try to validate anything you are doing today for the benefit of another person because your motives are likely to be misconstrued no matter how you convey yourself. Justification is taken out of context. Polarising colours are coffee and lemon. Lucky numbers are 21 and 15.

Wed Aug 15: Write Up

Today there will be a buzz of communication on the job and an important writing project or speech will present itself. You may be required to take a continuing education class for your work or some type of on the job training. Ideal colours are cerise and violet. Lucky numbers are 13 and 62.

Thu Aug 16: Loans

If you've been waiting for news concerning a home mortgage or loan or been dealing with brokers or real estate agents, today is a favourable day for action of all kinds in big business and with bankers. Vibrant colours are apricot and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 29 and 7.

Fri Aug 17: Shining

You have fantastic energy today for being the star on the job and showing your co workers the most harmonious and graceful way to take on the challenges thrown at them. You're already prepared for a major project tomorrow. Revealing colours are yellow mustard and ice green. Lucky numbers are 25 and 2.

Sat Aug 18: Health Commitment

Today you'll realise that it's time to commit to a plan of strategy that will help you move in the right direction concerning a health matter. You've been avoiding the details, but there's no more escape from the heavy hand of reality. Empowering colours are maroon and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 5 and 13.

Sun Aug 19: Mercury In Virgo

Mercury, the planet of communication, will begin a several week tour of your seventh house of partnerships and it seems that communication between you and a spouse or partner are going to reach a new level of discrimination! Inventive colours are peacock green and indigo. Lucky numbers are 4 and 37.

Mon Aug 20: Wandering Soul

You want to emotionally free yourself from the intense emotions you feel and you may wander about aimlessly, accomplishing little instead of confronting anything. Fortuitous colours are caramel and silver. Lucky numbers are 6 and 32.

Tue Aug 21: Overcoming Fear

Today Saturn, the planet of karma and greatest fears is aligned with the Sun in your sixth house of work and service and it looks as if you'll be asked to take your duty seriously today and pay your debt of service. Opportune colours are smoky quartz and pastel pink. Lucky numbers are 18 and 54.

Wed Aug 22: Out Of The Blue

Something may change in your career life today that throws you for a loop and seems completely out of the blue. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and go with the flow. Positive colours are cobalt blue and platinum. Lucky numbers are 32 and 76.

Thu Aug 23: Partnerships

The Sun is now aligned in Virgo and joins Mercury in your seventh house of partnerships, amplifying the energy you'll be exerting over the next month in your relationships. Every speck of imperfection will be refined during this time. You'll experience purification. Alluring colours are chocolate and avocado. Lucky numbers are 15 and 78.

Fri Aug 24: Big Talk

A partner or important business colleague will be talking big today, much to your annoyance. It seems your ability to expand professionally is diminished by his or her big mouth. Harmonious colours are lavender and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 30 and 74.

Sat Aug 25: Home Conflict

There is likely to be a disagreement today with your spouse over a family or home matter. Perhaps he or she wants to do something with your house that you don't agree with. Guard against family gossip today! Inspirational colours are claret and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 25 and 48.

Sun Aug 26: Female Relative

A female relative is highlighted in a positive way today. Perhaps you will be visiting someone from a nursing home or an elderly relative who is sick or confined in some way. The interaction will be harmonious and delightful. Providential colours are brilliant white and cerulean. Lucky numbers are 22 and 7.

Mon Aug 27: Sensitive

You would do well today to meditate, journal or practice yoga - but be sure to find time in this day for some private and secluded time in order to clarify the strong visions you're getting. Dreams are important! Empowering colours are maroon and pastel orange. Lucky numbers are 25 and 47.

Tue Aug 28: Lunar Eclipse

Today there is a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. If you were born at the end of February, this Eclipse will be completely life altering for you! Expect dramatic emotional and personal transition to come forth and relationships may have to end before new ones begin. Trust the universe's plan. Intuitive colours are tawny brown and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 15.

Wed Aug 29: Needing Clarity

There will be a series of communications between you and a partner or client that seems to hit a wall of confusion. Neither one of you can agree or even make up your own mind. Avoid decisions today. Auspicious colours are saffron and rich purple. Lucky numbers are 6 and 53.

Thu Aug 30: Secure Reputation

Expect a lovely day professionally. Your security is enhanced by the appreciation you gain publicly in your career. There may be an opportunity awaiting you. While your personal life could be suffering, career matters look promising! Positive colours are platinum and moonlight blue. Lucky numbers are 28 and 44.

Fri Aug 31: Nice Work

The trend continues and you will see that your personal talents and abilities are well appreciated by co-workers and employees alike. The people in your work environment have only the kindest things to say about you and your work. Uplifting colours are sunflower yellow and mandarin. Lucky numbers are 37 and 61.

Pisces Daily Horoscope forecasts for August 2007 have been written by Maria Vaiano.

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