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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for June 2007

Sun Jul 1: Work Drudge

It's likely to be a day of all work and no play for you, dear Pisces. You have strong, disciplined energy going for you which is good, however, the feeling of limitation is also powerful. No matter how much you accomplish, you can't seem to get the job done. Energising colours are persimmon and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 2 and 40.

Mon Jul 2: Hidden Thoughts

You've been keeping a lot to yourself lately and making mountains out of molehills in your mind. It looks like today will be an emotional limit for you and all the hidden feelings and information you have been holding in is going to come out to either a sibling or cousin. Fortunate colours are teal blue and oyster. Lucky numbers are 3 and 14.

Tue Jul 3: Dreamland

You can be lost in your fantasy world today and the funny thing is, you'll intellectualise the whole experience! Reason behind confusion seems to be your forte today and one may think you're in dream land but you seem to have it all figured out. Harmonious colours are cherry and ivory. Lucky numbers are 10 and 31.

Wed Jul 4: Dream Lover

Your emotions towards a lover and romance will be purely delightful today and it will be obvious to your loved one that your feelings are true blue. You will wear your heart on your sleeve. But then again dear Pisces, you usually do! Uplifting colours are peach and avocado. Lucky numbers are 29 and 36.

Thu Jul 5: Unrealistic

There could be something about your personality that is not the norm for you today. It seems as though you've got a bit of chaos in your soul - a restlessness that is beyond your yearning to meld with the intangible. It could cause you to have unrealistic feelings that are not justified. Vibrant colours are rich purple and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 24 and 26.

Fri Jul 6: Money Honey

Your lover could be irritating you today about a financial matter. It seems he or she is a bit clingy and insecure about the subject of finances and you want to leap forward with either a new budget or investment. They are not buying into your ideas. Beneficial colours are ruby red and white quartz. Lucky numbers are 1 and 20.

Sat Jul 7: Big Plans

Whatever you have working in your mind is going to pan out, so don't be afraid to put pen to paper and put some structure behind your inspiration. It seems the plans to move forward professionally are going to be met with success if you act on an opportunity today. Empowering colours are mandarin and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 39 and 58.

Sun Jul 8: Powerful Charm

You've got all the goods behind you to successfully gain money or even just approval from workers that will help you climb up the ladder of success in a professional endeavour. Your charm and generous warmth is the key to getting what you want today. Opportune colours are dusky pink and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 36 and 27.

Mon Jul 9: Mercury Direct

Mercury, the planet of communication, turns direct in your fifth house of romance, children and creativity. If you've been stalled on a creative project expect the blocks to life in the next week. Children who may have been having a hard time talking to you about something will no longer be as confused. Same goes for a lover. Fortunate colours are copper and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 6.

Tue Jul 10: Bad Contracts

You thought you were getting more than you actually are going to get in a business or contract deal. Negotiations are not going to go your way today so the best thing to do is avoid them altogether until the energy is better for you. Upbeat colours are crimson and silver. Lucky numbers are 15 and 29.

Wed Jul 11: Creative Firestorm

You are a creative firestorm today, able to materialise brilliant ideas out of the ether and express them poetically all on the same day. No one will have thought of what they see you bring to life. It's completely original. Providential colours are violet and champagne. Lucky numbers are 31 and 45.

Thu Jul 12: Home And Career

There is an ongoing power struggle professionally that will affect your domestic scene today. Emotionally you are at home, but because of this you will pay the price in your career. Insightful colours are magnolia and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 5 and 32.

Fri Jul 13: Fearless Lover

Your romantic partner will not be afraid to emotionally connect with you and you will not be afraid to express your thoughts and perspective. Loving and relating at this fearless level is priceless so enjoy the opportunity and try to make it a habit. Propitious colours are lavender and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 16 and 40.

Sat Jul 14: New Moon

The New Moon in Cancer will illuminate your fifth house and the opportunities for more creative success are yours for the taking. In addition, if you've wanted to conceive a child, the next two weeks could be quite favourable if other indicators in your chart support this. Uplifting colours are pineapple and russet. Lucky numbers are 12 and 56.

Sun Jul 15: Venus In Virgo

Today Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. Dare I say love is in the air? It may be too soon for you if you haven't dealt with the hurt of a previous relationship but you are going to find a tremendous desire to be a part of an intimate relationship again. After the 27th you may reconcile with an ex if you are born within the first week of Pisces. Expansive colours are periwinkle blue and bright yellow. Lucky numbers are 5 and 67.

Mon Jul 16: Drudgery

Work is a pain today and you feel so burdened by all the details and routine it's going to be a task just to get through the day. Try changing your mindset and focus on making some 'to do' lists for your life. Positive colours are salmon pink and cream. Lucky numbers are 35 and 20.

Tue Jul 17: All For Love

This is the day for love dear Pisces! Today the Moon is aligned with Venus in your seventh house of partnership and if you are attached, it is likely that you'll go out of your way to be flexible and compromising for a partner. If you are not, the longing for someone special will be aching. Advantageous colours are mandarin and gunmetal grey. Lucky numbers are 17 and 42.

Wed Jul 18: Business Trip

It's a favourable time to take a short work-related trip where you can prove to a business partner or important client that you have the skills and ambition required to look after their best interests, as well as your own. Opportune colours are smoky quartz and marmalade. Lucky numbers are 14 and 46.

Thu Jul 19: Lovebirds

It's romance again for you dear Pisces! A link from the Sun in your fifth house of love and sex to the Moon in your seventh house of partnerships will bring bliss and loving feelings for both of you today. You'll also have lots of fun, so enjoy this delightful energy. Auspicious colours are sky blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 39 and 73.

Fri Jul 20: Unexpected News

Be prepared for a bit of news that could make you jolt upright! It should be positive so there's no need to worry, but you are certainly going to be taken by surprise and you'll need to act immediately. Upbeat colours are emerald and plum. Lucky numbers are 7 and 65.

Sat Jul 21: Spiritual Abundance

You have a great day for harnessing your energy at a deep soul level to transcend physical boundaries and allow divine inspiration into your life. It will be a mystical day that you won't soon forget. Fortuitous colours are pastel pink and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 35 and 24.

Sun Jul 22: Resource Conflict

You and a lover could be involved in an unpleasant disagreement today concerning joint resources. Emotions will be nasty since what you each believe is fair is not going to contribute to feelings of security on either part. Favourable colours are plum and ultramarine. Lucky numbers are 34 and 62.

Mon Jul 23: Sun In Leo

Today the Sun moves into Leo and shines a light on your sixth house of work and service. It's nice to know that your health will enjoy a boost over the next few weeks with the Sun hovering over you. You'll have more energy to complete your daily tasks as well. Stimulating colours are vermilion and sunset orange. Lucky numbers are 36 and 46.

Tue Jul 24: Vacillating Words

Nothing anyone says makes sense today since the power behind words is compromised, including your own. It will be difficult to get anyone to believe in what you have to say so don't plan on any important talks today. Stabilising colours are mushroom and dark red. Lucky numbers are 32 and 23.

Wed Jul 25: Benevolent

You will be in the spotlight today because of your benevolent feelings. Professionally, it's a day to shine as your reputation is positive and you are seen as someone with great integrity. Prosperous colours are ruby red and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 6 and 76.

Thu Jul 26: Positive Plans

Another day to enjoy career kudos! This time an authority figure or co-worker will pay homage to your brilliant ability to implement structure and carry out ideas with responsibility. Your sense of duty is valued. Revealing colours are saffron and cerulean. Lucky numbers are 40 and 67.

Fri Jul 27: Venus Retrograde

Venus, the planet of love and money, turns retrograde in your seventh house until September 8th. Unfortunately, this could spell trouble for you in matters of romance if you are married, or have a committed relationship. Look for warning signs! Propitious colours are coffee and lemon. Lucky numbers are 22 and 77.

Sat Jul 28: Love Talk

You and your lover are the focus of all your ideas and communication today and talk will be focused on security issues pertaining to the affair. Your need for freedom and individuation will also be touched on. It should be an easy day to get ideas across. Uplifting colours are umber and silvery green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.

Sun Jul 29: Full Moon

Today there is a Full Moon in Aquarius and it will illuminate your twelfth house of all that is hidden. This is the best time of the year for you to have a subconscious breakthrough in terms of self analysis. Direct this into some type of service so you are not prone to self destructive behaviour. Communicative colours are dark gold and hazelnut. Lucky numbers are 20 and 39.

Mon Jul 30: Deluded Lover

You don't know what's gotten into your lover today but he or she is simply out of touch with reality! Although you are typically the sign with the reputation of being a little spacey, today your lover seems to take the prize. Or maybe it's the pair of you and the entire relationship is confused.... Stabilising colours are peach and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 5 and 59.

Tue Jul 31: Work Trouble

No matter how much you use angry words or threats today it seems you can't make anyone move faster to complete an important work related project. It's like driving with the brakes on. Auspicious colours are raspberry and jade. Lucky numbers are 7 and 66.

Pisces Daily Horoscope forecasts for July 2007 have been written by Maria Vaiano.

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