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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for April 2007


Sun Apr 1: April Fool

There's a trick or two up your sleeve today, Pisces. You're in a clever mood and your silvery tongue will be working even better than usual. Don't take things too far though - try subtlety and you can have an amusing morning with friends or those close to you. You'll be able to read them like a book. Later on in the day, there's a restless feel. Read more about the April Fool! Expressive colours are chocolate and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 16 and 47.

Mon Apr 2: Full Moon

The Moon blazes Full in your solar eighth house and you are feeling restless today. You're certainly concerned about money and joint finances need a review or a revamp. You may have to deal with someone over finance or investments. You're also restless in the boudoir, so burn off any stress with a little horizontal folk-dancing. Or a lot! Beneficial colours are blackcurrant and lavender. Lucky numbers are 2 and 37.

Tue Apr 3: Mercury/Jupiter Stand Off

The tension with Mercury and Jupiter could see you a little argumentative, Pisces. Either that or you'll be inclined to talk too much about anything and everything. Avoid clashes with those in authority. You may have a professional disagreement, but it doesn't have to become a stoush. Be careful about putting your opinions too strongly, unless you're really sure of what you're saying. Insightful colours are lime and white. Lucky numbers are 24 and 22.

Wed Apr 4: Far Climes

Some days you want to get away from it all, Pisces and this can be a literal or metaphorical thing. Make it literal if you can! Head outdoors for some adventure and fresh air. A lovely little restaurant out of the way, with some exotic food, will be heaven. If, this is not possible, flower petals, a scented bath, candles, a romantic movie and the two of you will be nirvana. Romantic colours are deep purple and cream. Lucky numbers are 15 and 77.

Thu Apr 5: It's All Happening

Dramatic or powerful events or people come out of the blue. You may be caught up in something or drawn in by the actions or influence of a strong, energetic individual. Such an individual may be someone in a position of power or status. Follow your inner urges and start new activities. This may affect career matters or alter your personal responsibilities. Trust your instincts. Use those subtle powers of persuasion to influence the actions of others. Fortunate colours are crimson and ginger. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.

Fri Apr 6: Good Friday

Mars moves to your sign, setting the theme for the weeks ahead. It's time to take action and get things moving with your personal projects. You may be fired up or feisty -- and you'll be erotically charged. Don't fall victim to haste or rising impatience. If you're decisive and determined, you can get things done or make advances. Be proactive! Take care with safety, especially if sharp edges or heavy objects are involved. Today is Good Friday, the holiest day of the year for Christians. Read about Easter. Favourable colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 9.

Sat Apr 7: Dutiful Fishes

Work, career or personal responsibilities will feature. You may have to take authority in a situation or deal with a figure of authority. There may be an occasion that you have to attend. You may have to socialize for professional reasons rather than for personal pleasure. Whatever you do, you will need to be organized and on the ball. There may be a talkative, energetic or opinionated individual in your day, a female more than likely. Beneficial colours are rose and jasper. Lucky numbers are 10 and 20.

Sun Apr 8: Easter Sunday

It'll be a case of doing what you have to, not what you want. Get down to business business and keep your feelings to yourself. The latter is not always your speciality. You may have work or responsibilities to acquit. You may deal with authority or take it yourself. A family occasion or family business may be on the agenda. You may have to deal with someone that tries to over-talk you or challenges your views. Stand your ground. This is Easter Day, when Christians believe the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead to eternal life. Read more about Easter. Beneficial colours are shimmering pink and moonlight blue. Lucky numbers are 33 and 41.

Mon Apr 9: A Clash Of Interests

If you find you're at odds with someone in authority, you'll have to negotiate a solution - outright conflict won't help. You may have to make a testing professional decision or an enforced change of duties. Friends will be about to help smooth the rough edges or offer support. There should be good news about money or a financial opportunity. Fortuitous colours are amethyst and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 25 and 9.

Tue Apr 10: Money Talks

Mercury moves to Aries, focusing on simple economics in the weeks ahead. Make a new start with your savings and put a new income stream in place. What you want is active energy to increase earnings so talk over your finances with an associate. There may be someone with boundless enthusiasm for the job, a new idea or scheme to flag the way ahead. Only back a sure thing! Revealing colours are dark green and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 13 and 33.

Wed Apr 11: Easing Off

The day will start out on a busy note and there'll be friends, meetings or group activity. You'll have projects on the go every which way. Discussion will feature though much of it may be about money. As the day moves on you'll find yourself stepping back from peak activity as you're tired or under par. You may simply want to slow down and take time for 'you'. Drop the baton and get some rest. Enjoy wicked pleasures, a favourite DVD or just an early night. Beneficial colours are bright red and platinum. Lucky numbers are 17 and 74.

Thu Apr 12: Home Beautiful

Venus glides into airy Gemini, putting the focus on home, family and domestic life and there may be a guest or guests. You are likely to hold an occasion or celebration in the home. There may be purchases to beautify the home, minor renovations or just improving the look of things. Your social life will be hectic with people coming or going. There'll be visitors to spice up things and it's the ideal time for a party or dinner. Check out Friday 13th! Auspicious colours are burgundy and ebony. Lucky numbers are 22 and 18.

Fri Apr 13: Friday The Thirteenth

Cruise through the day in low gear and work behind the scenes or take time out if you can. You may be tired or you may have a lot on your mind so be watchful rather than a major player. You might feel like entertainment or some lazy time later on. Enjoy favourite treats. There aren't any calories if no one sees you eating! If you're worried about bad luck, remember to eat the fourteenth piece of chocolate before the cat gets it! Fortunate colours are ginger and walnut. Lucky numbers are 38 and 73.

Sat Apr 14: Mood For Food

Enjoy a fine repast and some favourite tastes today, Pisces. Whether you head into the kitchen to cook up a storm, or out to the boulevard to a local cafe, make sure you take in a culinary delight that's succulent or even sumptuous. Family or domestic matters will feature. You may have to deal with a sensitive or emotional individual that has a secret stubborn streak. Sensual colours are dusky rose and pale violet. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.

Sun Apr 15: Shifting Tides

It will be an inspirational day for you. You may operate on a whim, but be ready to be interrupted by life as you try to go ahead with your own plans. If you start a new project or activity, how long will you stick with it? Don't leave anything on the stove while you answer the phone. You may consider a decision about career or professional involvements later in the day. Favourable colours are aqua and amber. Lucky numbers are 7 and 8.

Mon Apr 16: Basic Economics

Keep it simple as far as economics goes. Don't spend more than you have. It's a cash day. Pay for things with coin of the realm, not the plastic. Get organized and begin to think ahead. It's not all restraint and life on the cheap for you could be in for a bit of luck if you choose the right moment. Have a splash and see what happens when the mood takes you. Beneficial colours are dark grape and apricot. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

Tue Apr 17: New Moon

The New Moon comes in Aries today and you'll be on a new scale with money and the budget. There will be a change in your fortune or circumstances. Take advantage of a new stream of income. Work out a new savings plan as you target something that you want to have. You may deal with a fiery or enthusiastic individual over money matters. Expressive colours are scarlet and old lace. Lucky numbers are 11 and 22.

Wed Apr 18: Busy, Busy, Busy

Communications will feature in the day's events. You will have to be on the ball to keep with the right responses. You may hear news that will turn your thinking around. Travel will play a part. You'll be on the move to get from here to there and back again. Business schemes or associates will feature. You may deal with siblings or neighbours. Fortunate colours are marmalade and copper. Lucky numbers are 3 and 1.

Thu Apr 19: Saturn Direct

As the heavenly giant begins to move forward, matters related to work, health or daily routine will pick up momentum. You may pass out of a period of poor health or you may resume consultation with a health professional. If you've had interruption or delay with work or business activity, it will end, leaving you free to make advances. Experts that were part of daily working life in the past may return. You may deal with experienced professionals or older people. You may proceed with a plan that's been delayed. Healthy colours are warm tan and golden orange. Lucky numbers are 33 and 12.

Fri Apr 20: Sun In Taurus

A busy time awaits you in the weeks ahead. You'll be up to your ears in communications. There'll be plenty to do and a variety of situations to respond to. You may deal with the general public. Siblings or neighbours play a role in daily life and travel will feature. You may be on the move more than usual, either for work or in necessary activity. You may encounter strong values or stubborn people. There will be discussion over money and the practical business of life. Expressive colours are old gold and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 3 and 4.

Sat Apr 21: Party Time

Domestic or family concerns feature, so do your chores and attend to loved ones. A dominant or talkative family member may take centre stage. As the day develops, you'll feel the urge to escape the routine and enjoy recreation or lifestyle activity. Why not cook a special meal? A romantic tryst may feature. Creative projects, exercise, or activities with children come into focus. Positive colours are platinum and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.

Sun Apr 22: In Moderation

You may want to live your life and have fun, but the demands of home or loved ones seem to interfere with your pleasures. Ugh. Curb your desires, or sphere of action, to meet conflicting demands. Watch safety if you're involved in recreational activity and keep your temper. Impatience can cause accidents if you're working at home. Don't be surprised if you upset or unnerve someone. Be extra polite at social gatherings. Charming colours are silvery green and burnished bronze. Lucky numbers are 11 and 8.

Mon Apr 23: Enjoying Life

Take time out for a romantic dinner or a meal with friends or family. A meal out could be pleasant, but you may really enjoy cooking up a storm at home. This is a day to enjoy your life and lifestyle. Recreational activity may appeal. If you're into sport, vertical or horizontal, make the most of your athletic inclinations. Why not get to work on a creative project? Favourable colours are silver and foxglove. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.

Tue Apr 24: Hard Yakka

Whether taking on tasks or duties, or taking care of you and your health, be scrupulous. Attention to detail will win the day. Be careful and discerning. At work, you may have to deal with a co-worker or member of the public who is difficult to please. Vigour and a bit of fiery self-expression will help get rid of any ill-humours visited on you by nature or the environment. Fire up and sweat things out. Fortuitous colours are ginger and orange. Lucky numbers are 6 and 36.

Wed Apr 25: Working Through

If you hit blocks or obstacles with regard to your work or health situation, find a way of working through them. Gentle persistence and the right advice or guidance will help you on your way. You may be getting used to new responsibilities, duties or conditions. Your routines have altered somewhat over time, requiring new efforts or tasks from you. A new authority figure requires a different approach. Fortunate colours are chestnut and banana. Lucky numbers are 6 and 22.

Thu Apr 26: Flip-Flops

You'll be a fish in a bucket today, jumping up and down to escape the confines of who you are or what you do. You may have a rebellious attack, or fire up for a new project that sees you break with the past. Don't set off half-cocked or you'll not get far. Be prepared! Don't rely on impulse. People arrive or depart with stunning speed. There may be a surprise encounter or a rapid change of mood. Don't be hasty or impatient. It will be feisty or hot with your loved one. If you're single, look out! Opportune colours are jasper and cranberry. Lucky numbers are 17 and 29.

Fri Apr 27: Busy, Busy, Busy

Mercury in Taurus from today is a guarantee of activity and communications in the weeks to come. You may deal with siblings or neighbours. A bit of consultation or learning will play a part. You may become involved in business schemes or dealings. You may regulate travel patterns for commuting or regular outings. Partners or close associates will feature in the day's doings, so listen and cooperate. Favourable colours are cranberry and amber. Lucky numbers are 3 and 7.

Sat Apr 28: Entertain At Home

It's a great night to entertain in your home and there may be important guests. You may also have an occasion to attend. It is difficult to meet commitments at both ends of the spectrum, career and home! Partners or close associates will be strong players in the day. You'll have the needs of others to attend to. Somewhere along the line, this may test you, leaving you wondering if you're going to get time for yourself and what you want to do. Auspicious colours are peach and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.

Sun Apr 29: Career Direction

There may be tensions with authority figures or changes regarding the direction your career is taking. A dispute will require legal advice or mediation so make sure that you have everything in proportion first - it will be easy to exaggerate your concerns. You're about to take a step up. Today's a restless day, but don't try to solve problems by throwing money at them. Get some vigorous exercise instead. Advantageous colours are shell pink and pale green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.

Mon Apr 30: May Day Eve

If you've been caught up in negotiations, meetings or dealings with those higher in the food chain, you need to cut loose and see things from another perspective. Laugh a little and defuse your frustration or pent up feelings with some reckless recreation (not too reckless!). Celebrate May Day Eve with a gathering of ghostly friends. You don't have to travel to Bald Mountain- have a fun night at home. Auspicious colours are lemon and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 29 and 15.

More to come soon. Pisces April Horoscope is by Neil Giles.


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