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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for March 2007


Thu Mar 1: Overdone

Have you been pushing it lately, Pisces? Or has life been pushing you? You may be tired or feel a little depleted. If work is getting you down, why not reorganize your routines? If health is challenging, take some steps. You may need a little help or perhaps some time to recuperate. Don't let commitments overwhelm you. Creative or spiritual activity will help to release tension or stress. Healing colours are red and blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.

Fri Mar 2: Simple Things

Get the little jobs done. Whether it's work, health or simple daily routine, apply yourself and get through the list. Negotiate with co-workers or members of the public in order to complete set tasks. There may be someone among them that is opinionated or has a strong will, but consult with expert professionals to get informed opinions. Favourable colours are tangerine and fawn. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.

Sat Mar 3: Lunar Eclipse

Today's Full Moon in Virgo brings a Lunar Eclipse to your house of partnership. Changes, revisions, interruptions or endings form a cycle with those close to you. This may be in a romantic or business sense. Separation from a partner, or a developments with someone's activities changes your relationship with them. Shift the balance of tasks or duties with a loved one or business partner. Changes with work or health may affect a partnership situation. Beneficial colours are cool green and pale rose. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

Sun Mar 4: Just Getting On

The sweet smell of cooperation should fill the air around you, Fishy Folk. If you're in a relationship, do the things your loved one loves to do. If you're among good friends or people close, enjoy time together and work in with their needs or desires. Even if you're on your own, don't fight the influences, just go with the flow and make things easy. If you need to sort something out with a partner or close associate, sit down and talk it through. Enjoyable colours are cobalt blue and ruby. Lucky numbers are 1 and 23.

Mon Mar 5: Restless

You may be moody or a little restless. The frustration of your situation may get to you. Why not make a break for freedom, or just have a change of routine. Be inspired. Give yourself a touch of some personal magic by breaking the rules or going against the flow. It's a day to play the salmon and swim upstream against the current. Watch for minor upsets or accidents though. Don't be reckless with spending. Be an economic conservative and a playtime rebel. Expressive colours are apricot and basalt. Lucky numbers are 14 and 7.

Tue Mar 6: Restless, Frustrated...?

You may be feeling restless or frustrated, as though you're constrained by circumstance or obligation. Just settle down and work through your inner feelings. Use physical activity to work off any excess energy. Stay away from the impulse purchase. You won't solve any problems by waving that credit card around. Try to see yourself from an outside point of view. Perhaps things won't seem so frustrating then. Auspicious colours are fawn and marigold. Lucky numbers are 4 and 5.

Wed Mar 7: Insights And Strategies

If you're trying to accomplish change or deal with an authority figure or a professional situation, today's the day to get your strategies in place. What's going on, Pisces? What do you want? What are others trying to do? You will be able to get keynote insights in a tricky situation. Concerns arise about financial obligations and where your fiscal life is going. Once again, a little rumination will give the insight as to what to do next. Positive colours are claret and magenta. Lucky numbers are 8 and 12.

Thu Mar 8: A Clear Road Ahead

If things have been a little confusing or confused in recent times, they will begin to clear up for you today as Mercury starts to move forward again. If there's anyone with whom you've had a particular problem or misunderstanding, now's the time to sort things out. If you're dealing with those in authority, watch your responses. Don't overreact or let things out of proportion. Try a break from the routine and an exotic meal to spice up your day. Enlivening colours are red and silver. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.

Fri Mar 9: Something In The Air

Avid discussion on plans for the future focus around travel, study, dealings with in-laws or overseas links. You may enjoy the company of well-travelled or well educated people. It's a day to step outside the routine and take account of matters in the wider world. Head out for an adventure. A foreign film and a Thai meal! A day in the country and a breath of fresh air! You choose! Auspicious colours are claret and marigold. Lucky numbers are 18 and 24.

Sat Mar 10: The Ties That Bind

You'll have the freedom urge at the beginning. You'll be restless. You may want to get out and see the world. You may just want to have your time at your disposal. It won't be like that as the day wears on though. There will be demands or responsibilities to deal with. Work, career or family matters may take your time and attention. You may have an encounter or even a run-in with a strong authority figure. Be prepared to negotiate. Beneficial colours are ginger and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 2 and 10.

Sun Mar 11: Taking Charge

You're on duty today, Pisces. There'll be work to be done, organizing others or getting things to happen. The responsibility will fall on your shoulders, so you won't have much time to rest or wander off the subject. You may deal with figures of authority, as there may be professional concerns to sort. Beware a strong female with whom you have a disagreement. Handle with care. Excellent colours are dark grey and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 17 and 4.

Mon Mar 12: On Whose Authority

Career concerns are in the frame. Be at your best with professional people or those in authority. You may need to make decisions that affect others and have to negotiate a tricky situation. Know where your boundaries lie and be clear about when to stand your ground or have the final word in discussion. Ambitious colours are aquamarine and sable. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.

Tue Mar 13: Team Effort

The mood will rise today and you'll be in good company. Friends will feature. There may be interesting discussions or a meal with your favourite people. Take advantage of the ideas or input of others. It's the team effort that counts or makes the difference in the long run. Turn to an experienced worker or professional for much needed advice. Auspicious colours are moonstone and desert peach. Lucky numbers are 11 and 21.

Wed Mar 14: Participation

Group activity will feature. You'll need to get things done in tandem or in cooperation with others. That doesn't mean all will be joyful or easy, but sometimes we must rise above small concerns to see a larger mission carried out. Work with others to accomplish a common goal or purpose. You may find yourself with an experienced but private individual who won't be at all what you think. Diplomatic colours are salmon and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.

Thu Mar 15: The Inner Urges

Powerful forces are swirling within you, Pisces, but you may not know what to do with them. The important thing is to take inner frustration or discontent and direct it effectively into a new project or activity. Give yourself a new direction by changing how you respond to an old problem. If you become a target for the frustrations of others, step back or work around their attentions but don't give in just because someone pushes hard. Steady colours are avocado and rose quartz. Lucky numbers are 12 and 30.

Fri Mar 16: Slow Time

Float through the day today and take time for your own interests or concerns. You may need some private time. Why not enjoy creative or spiritual pursuits? You may wish to withdraw from social activity to reflect or to consider a problem, but make sure you don't give way to worrying or step too far back. Just take some quiet or slow time and things will get back into flow for you. Beneficial colours are striped agate and platinum. Lucky numbers are 9 and 53.

Sat Mar 17: Bits Of Business

Business dealings will feature in the weeks to come as Venus enters Taurus. You will have business related social activity or dealings with members of the public. You may play the agony aunt for someone. There will be dealings with the simple transactions, involving either love or money. Someone will need to discuss their business with you. Stimulating colours are nutmeg and champagne. Lucky numbers are 3 and 11.

Sun Mar 18: Talkative

You're coming up to a bravura performance as Mercury enters your sign today. Talk and activity will be the features. You'll be full of ideas and ready to go. You will be scheming and ready to set those schemes into motion. Important matters clamour to be discussed with a partner or close associate. Get the right mix of the analytical and the intuitive. Excellent colours are parchment and shimmering green. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.

Mon Mar 19: New Moon

There's change for you, Pisces, as the New Moon brings a Solar Eclipse to your sign. Watch health and energy. If you're feeling low, take some rest and do something to help restore yourself. You may go through an emotional change, losing interest in someone or something. You will be at a cyclical end in some way. You will want to alter your image, your direction or relations with a close personal contact. You will change from here. Liberating colours are cinnamon and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 1 and 2.

Tue Mar 20: Changing Patterns

The day will begin with practical effort. Finance will be a concern. Keeping things on the straight and narrow will be in the frame. But a whirlwind of activity and communication is set to unleash itself as the day wears on. You or others will be coming or going in order to get things done. There will be last minute changes or important communications you'll need to deal with. Stay on your feet and ready to respond. It's a very fortunate day. Fortunate colours are lime and bright brass. Lucky numbers are 17 and 3.

Wed Mar 21: The Equinox

Financial concerns will feature in the weeks to come as the Sun moves to Aries today. Take care of money, especially as far as personal spending is concerned. The best way out of debt is to spend less money and earn more. Have a go at both of those. Work out what it is you really need. Target savings for the important things! You may deal with a fiery or energetic individual over financial matters. You may start a new income stream. Beneficial colours are white oak and rich scarlet. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.

Thu Mar 22: On The Ball

Things are moving today and you need to move with them. Travel is on the cards and there will be communications you have to respond to. Stay on your toes, try to anticipate what's about to happen and be ready to change your plans at a moment's notice. Siblings or neighbours feature in your dealings today. You may clash with someone that has fixed attitudes or beliefs. Auspicious colours are raspberry and oyster. Lucky numbers are 21 and 43.

Fri Mar 23: Winding Down

You'll be busy early in the day. There'll be a list of things to do and a schedule of places you have to go to and do them. Communications will feature strongly. You'll have a lot to respond to so get on with it and don't let yourself get behind. It will seem at first that the minute you start one thing, another will demand your attention. In the evening you can wind down by relaxing at home. Enjoy a bit of quiet in your own home. Ideal colours are ivory and amber. Lucky numbers are 2 and 32.

Sat Mar 24: Out Of The Blue

There's a funny feeling in the air and you're probably feeling hyped up or frustrated. It might also be that you have to deal with someone that's wound up or taking things out on you. Don't lose ground on an important project by sacrificing your initiative. Watch your concentration and be mindful of minor accidents or upsets. Someone may vent their anger right out of the blue. Auspicious colours are champagne and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 35 and 11.

Sun Mar 25: Out To Play

You will have a bit to do around home as the day begins. There's likely to be important subjects for discussion in the family group. It may feel as though you're wading through treacle, but the mood will lighten. Focus on fun, romance and entertainment today, Pisces. Put duties aside and enjoy some quality time with loved ones. Children figure very strongly today. Opportune colours are honeycomb and azure. Lucky numbers are 2 and 34.

Mon Mar 26: Enjoying Life

Recreation is important again today. If you have a favourite activity, try to devote some time to it, whether it be sporting, creative or involved with children. Enjoy yourself and cut loose with a little of what you fancy. A romantic dinner is just the thing if you're with a partner or loved one. Remind yourself that you work to earn time for relaxation. Let all those recent labours pay a dividend. Propitious colours are violet and sable. Lucky numbers are 31 and 21.

Tue Mar 27: On The Ball

The day begins with children, creative projects or lifestyle activities. You'll want to set the pace and enjoy your choices; there may even be a little culinary expertise on display. Later on, the mood will alter as the little jobs and the details begin to demand your attention. Think small. Get your focus down to the minutiae. Work or health matters may feature. You will deal with an exacting person or situation. Favourable colours are mustard yellow and tan. Lucky numbers are 23 and 38.

Wed Mar 28: Hard At It

Hard work or intensive effort is a cornerstone. Don't coast today - small or detailed tasks will be on the agenda. Health could be a concern as well, so try to attend to any problems as soon as they arise. You can't look after others if you don't take care of yourself first, Pisces. Take steps to improve your daily routines, especially where exercise is concerned. You may encounter a stubborn or intractable co-worker or member of the public in the course of your working day. Fortunate colours are mulberry and ivory. Lucky numbers are 12 and 11..

Thu Mar 29: Staying Focused

Routines for work or health will be an important feature of the day. However, you may be distracted or interrupted by the outside world each time you try to get on with something. If you want the best results, put the phone onto 'answer' and lock the door. Otherwise, it'll be best to focus on maintaining continuity of effort in a stop/start kind of a day. Favourable colours are lemon and lime. Lucky numbers are 31 and 15.

Fri Mar 30: In The Groove

Partners or close associates will feature in today's dealings so pay attention to loved ones. Cooperate with those you work with or have dealings with and above all, be a good listener. You may need to talk to stimulate other's responses so you can get a gauge on where they're at. Observe how people function and fit in with their efforts or endeavours. Someone close may set the pace or lead the way. Ideal colours are copper and navy. Lucky numbers are 6 and 78.

Sat Mar 31: Reaction Or Response

It's a day for dealing with others in a close or personal manner and someone you're close to will have you excited or upset. There's tension in the air and there may be surprising news or developments that will affect you personally. You may go through an unexpected change or mood or feeling. You may meet someone and influence them in a surprising or unpredictable manner. Fortuitous colours are magnolia and cherry. Lucky numbers are 19 and 47.

More to come soon. Pisces March Horoscope is by Neil Giles.


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