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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for January 2007


Mon Jan 1: Domestic Stuff

All the best for the New Year! Important changes or developments affecting home and professional life will be afoot. Family dealings feature. Home will be active and family members or children may need attention. Your mood may be changeable. Discuss concerns about what's happening in personal or domestic life. Information is the key. Beneficial colours are turquoise and slate. Lucky numbers are 6 and 4.

Tue Jan 2: Inner Reaches

There's a lot going on inside you at the moment, Pisces. You might be getting ready to break away, break out, or break through. You may just have to decide which one it is that attracts you the most. Draw from a well within you. It's time you were developing new creative or intuitive skills anyway. There may be strong matters to discuss with family or about your home situation. Negotiation with authority may be required. Advantageous colours are yellow and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 16 and 23.

Wed Jan 3: Full Moon

Romance, lifestyle and children are the concerns that feature as Lady Moon blazes to the Full in your solar fifth house. There may be an upsurge of emotion. Food could be on the agenda if you're celebrating. Think about your lifestyle and what you want from it. Are there changes in direction that you need to make? Get a handle on creative endeavours or recreational activity. Are you getting enough from life? Someone close may be emotional. There may be an outpouring of feeling to spice up your day. Loving colours are rose and purple. Lucky numbers are 5 and 21.

Thu Jan 4: Taking It Quietly

Venus moves into Aquarius today, asking if you want to slow the pace of social life or just take more time for yourself. It's a quiet time for you. Someone may need your care, or you may need to care for yourself a little more. You may develop a contact or a possibility in secret in the weeks ahead. For the balance of the day, just enjoy your lifestyle and give some time to those you care about. Auspicious colours are amethyst and red coral. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.

Fri Jan 5: Good Ideas

The next few days will see you brimming with good ideas. For the moment, concentrate this outpouring on daily life, especially any concerns to do with work or health. You could spice up exercise routines or work practices. You may associate with interesting or unusual people. Keep it simple nonetheless and make sure you attend to the basics or the details of your activities. You may deal with an unusual or fastidious individual in the course of daily life. Uplifting colours are mushroom and violet. Lucky numbers are 6 and 15.

Sat Jan 6: Freshen Up

Make sure that you're not losing concentration on what needs to be done due to tiredness or lack of attention. Get some exercise. Freshen up your mind or your approach. Take extra rest if necessary. Put a little extra effort into getting things right. Unusual or artistic people may feature in the course of your day, females especially. Practical colours are salmon and sea green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.

Sun Jan 7: A Cooperative Mood

Get the business finished and the details done and dusted so you can concentrate on the needs of others later on. You might opt for a romantic tryst in the evening, or some quiet time with your loved one. It's all about cooperation at the moment. Turn on those sensitive receptors of yours and respond to those around you. Beneficial colours are terracotta and walnut. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.

Mon Jan 8: Fitting In

It's all happening around you today, Pisces. And the best thing you can do is brush up on your cooperative skills. Work in with those around you. If you're in a relationship, let your loved one lead the way or set the pace. Communications are a feature and friends or associates are there to make them. There will be ideas or plans to discuss. Tread lightly and listen to the views of others. Communicative colours are silver and blue. Lucky numbers are 3 and 4.

Tue Jan 9: Someone Close

Companionship is in the frame. You may find that others are interested in you or need something from you. Certainly there will be someone close and it will be important to work in with them. Take time to romance your loved one or fit in with the things that they wish to do. Get organized so that you have time for those who need you. Romantic colours are rose and cool violet. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.

Wed Jan 10: Inner Realms

Something's happening inside you. You may have concerns about other people. You may have worries about relationships or finances. This is a day to step back and take time to reflect. Don't let things get on top of you. Think them through. Seek the solace or comfort of spiritual or creative tools. You'll find solutions there. You may have a secret that needs to be spoken. You may need to set a different path in life. Inner work is the key. Inspirational colours are purple sage and dusty pink. Lucky numbers are 38 and 26.

Thu Jan 11: Deep Concerns

If money is in the frame, you will need to look at joint finances and resources. You may solve problems with expert advice by looking at how your finances are structured. This is not a day to spend on impulse. You might be feeling hot and just a little feisty. Two or three rounds of some 'all in' boudoir wrestling with your loved one will be just the ticket. Otherwise, raise a sweat with some physical activity. You'll feel better afterwards. Active colours are dark green and bright yellow. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.

Fri Jan 12: Fiery Folk

You might have to deal with a fiery or testy individual in authority. There might be a bit of a scrap unless you step back and try to read what's going on that's not being said. There will be an agenda. Some of you may find a new love interest at work. It may be hot but where will it lead? Take care. Others may be ready to start with new professional or career interests. Don't be shy. Step up and do the business. See the broader context for any problems or decisions. Beneficial colours are coral and pine nut. Lucky numbers are 23 and 29.

Sat Jan 13: A Culinary Adventure

Earmark today for the exotic experience. Experiment with food and try some foreign or spicy cuisine. Cook up a storm yourself or head out for a new and untried restaurant. You could look for something exotic with regard to entertainment. A dvd about a faraway time or place could be just the thing. Enjoy the companionship of people that are well travelled or informed about the world. Vibrant colours are saffron and shimmering pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 42.

Sun Jan 14: A Sharp Reminder

You might be cruising through the day, singing your own song or making your own way, not realizing that a sharp change of mood or company is coming. You may find that you have to deal with a formal situation later on. An authority figure may feature. You may have to stand your ground or just grin and bear it as you carry out your responsibilities under duress. It's just one of those days, Pisces! Favourable colours are hyacinth and cobalt. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.

Mon Jan 15: Forwards And Backwards

With Lady Moon flying in Sagittarius, you'll have duties to perform and people to deal with, especially those in authority. You'll want to advance your situation. However, as Mercury sneaks into Aquarius and your solar twelfth house, you'll want to take more of a back seat and think things over. Reflection and privacy are needed. Given time though, you'll come to all the right conclusions with your concerns. Subdued colours are rose and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 10 and 12.

Tue Jan 16: The Pursuit Of Your Dreams

Mars enters Capricorn today, setting several themes for the weeks to come. It's time to work in with others and contribute to a team effort in order to get things done. It's also time to put your dreams into action. Don't wait for things to happen. Mobilize yourself and others to make them happen. Groups, associations or the wider community will offer opportunity to work in with others and accomplish an important purpose. Advantageous colours are red rose and jasmine. Lucky numbers are 11 and 28.

Wed Jan 17: Cruise Mode

Get into cruise mode and enjoy the company and support of friends and companions. You can do what you need to do by working with others. You can solve problems by discussing them with experienced associates and looking for new solutions. You can enjoy social activity with friends or groups. A female friend may feature strongly. Active colours are emerald and parchment. Lucky numbers are 14 and 49.

Thu Jan 18: Inner World

You may be yearning for something (or someone) you can't have. Is this a secret attraction? Perhaps a secret liaison beckons. Take it carefully right now. Your judgement may not be good. Step back from people or situations and examine what you really feel or want. You may have to care for yourself or for someone close today. Don't be over generous or impulsive with money. Beneficial colours are pale peach and deep grey. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.

Fri Jan 19: New Moon

You'll be ready for a new start with friends, groups or interesting projects. You may make a new contact, one that will give you a sense of direction or send you on your way. A female may feature. You may wish to pursue a new interest or learn new skills. If you're teetering on the brink of change, today's the day to take a step forward. It may turn into a quantum leap later on. Empowering colours are cobalt and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 11 and 13.

Sat Jan 20: Behind The Scenes

Today, the Sun moves to Aquarius and your solar twelfth house. This marks a period of contemplation and inner development in the month to come. Slow down but don't stop altogether. Attend to nagging concerns by focusing on the details. Work away behind the scenes. Watch for hidden obstacles or events that come out of the blue. The actions of another may surprise you or catch you off guard. Don't be careless in your efforts. Conservative colours are gunmetal and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.

Sun Jan 21: A Rising Barometer

The mood is low and slow to begin with. You may drift away. You may be preoccupied. As the day wears on, your mood will lift. You'll be ready for tasty food and a little extra TLC. Focus on those close to you and enjoy time with loved ones. Females may feature in the evening's doings, especially family members. You may have domestic obligations to meet. Receptive colours are creamy white and hyacinth. Lucky numbers are 11 and 4.

Sun Jan 21: A Rising Barometer

The mood is low and slow to begin with. You may drift away. You may be preoccupied. As the day wears on, your mood will lift. You'll be ready for tasty food and a little extra TLC. Focus on those close to you and enjoy time with loved ones. Females may feature in the evening's doings, especially family members. You may have domestic obligations to meet. Receptive colours are creamy white and hyacinth. Lucky numbers are 11 and 4.

Mon Jan 22: In The Mood

Emotion is rising and there may be conflict or tension to deal with. Watch that it doesn't erupt all at once. Relax by doing something familiar. A hot bath will bring some ease. A favourite meal will provide comfort. You may have concerns with family or emotional life. A female may feature. There may be tension with a male. Let off steam before you try to sort things out. Advantageous colours are sea green and salmon. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.

Tue Jan 23: Tin Tacks

Breathe away any turmoil or confusion and get started on the process of organizing a simple schedule. Get a list of things to do. Draw up a budget to do them on. If you just reduce complex problems to their basic elements, you'll get a sense of how to solve them. Somehow or other, money may be the cause of difficulty or the key to dealing with it. Calming colours are terracotta and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.

Wed Jan 24: Simple Pleasures

Rein in your spending and stick to simple pleasures. You might like to put some energy into your financial situation. Is it time to set a new plan in motion? Do you need to create a new stream of income or do you just need to cut down on expenditure? Go after what's required. Don't just wait for something to happen. Enjoy the basics of life. Beneficial colours are silver and white. Lucky numbers are 2 and 13.

Thu Jan 25: Picking Up Speed

There will be a gathering momentum to the events of life. What starts out as simple and orderly may soon diversify. There may be a quantum increase in your schedule as the day wears on. There may be communications to respond to. You may have to get on the move to visit different people and locations. Wind up the rubber band and stay with it, Pisces! Active colours are scarlet and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 11 and 12.

Fri Jan 26: Inner World

You may find yourself a little withdrawn. You may be imaginative or feel worried. Your mind may simply wander. Let it roam over the high ideals and aspirations that move you. There may be confusion with communications or arrangements. Don't let it phase you. Be ready to adapt. Take time for a creative project or spiritual activity. Walk wide of secrets. Energising colours are emerald and cobalt. Lucky numbers are 23 and 36.

Sat Jan 27: Sigh Of Relief

You will breathe a sigh of relief as you get the chance to step back from the busy world around you and take some time at home. You may need to catch up on sleep or chores. Just get into some normal habits or domestic routines and unwind. Family matters may feature. You might need to organize the kitchen so you can enjoy a meal at home. Relaxing colours are mushroom and cool orchid. Lucky numbers are 4 and 11.

Sun Jan 28: The Buzz At Home

It's all action in the domicile or with the family. There will be communications or a lot of traffic through the home. You may have things to talk over with family members. There may be jobs that need doing of the making or mending variety. Get on and enjoy what's happening. Home won't be a tranquil place of rest though. It will be a buzz of activity. Beneficial colours are charcoal and apricot. Lucky numbers are 11 and 28.

Mon Jan 29: A Lift Of Spirits

Venus glides into your sign, Pisces, and the weeks ahead will focus on social activity, personal relations and romance. Enjoy time with others as you spend up big. Treat yourself at the beauty parlour or the hairdresser. Focus on what you do and how you do it but find time and energy to deal with others in a gracious manner. With today's Moon in Gemini, duty, obligations and authority figures will be the theme. Ambitious colours are fire opal and parchment. Lucky numbers are 1 and 8.

Tue Jan 30: Inner World

The Sun and Chiron meet in your solar twelfth house. You'll need time for your thoughts and dreams. Step back from the outside world. You may have a new creative project or spiritual interest that needs time to develop. Don't rush, but set things in motion in some form. You may meet an unusual individual with a strong spiritual or creative interest. Watch health concerns but distinguish between real and imagined problems. Harmonious colours are platinum and apricot. Lucky numbers are 10 and 12.

Wed Jan 31: Lifestyle

Whether it's family, food or a favourite recreation, pay attention to lifestyle concerns. Make sure you get your fill with what you most need to keep you going. If you're in a relationship, try a touch of romance with your loved one. A candlelight dinner perhaps! If you're single, you might go looking for that special someone or just could just take in a great meal and some entertainment. Enjoy! Healing colours are dove grey and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6.


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