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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for November 2006

Wed Nov 1: Clear Your Space

You are frustrated and short of patience, Pisces. As the cosmos encourages you to delve into the past, this only causes confusion within the present. Avoid making decisions based on today's thoughts. Use this restless influence to clear your space and simply allow the mood to wash over you, not control you. Expansive colours are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 1 and 41.

Thu Nov 2: Flowing Smoothly

Thankfully, the haze clears and you are keenly perceptive again. You know what is not working and how to adjust it quickly so that it does. Others seek your assistance today and you know just what to say to guide them along the most practical path. An old idea bubbles up into your consciousness - give it some more thought... Ideal colours are grape and ivory. Lucky numbers are 23 and 10.

Fri Nov 3: Watch The Budget

You need to watch your budget closely and be aware of what you are spending, compared to forthcoming expenses. I know, balancing the figures is your least favourite task but you need to think ahead and not allow your generous spirit to cloud sensible judgments. Auspicious colours are claret and spearmint. Lucky numbers are 19 and 70.

Sat Nov 4: Romance Plus

You are in your element with these Stars, Pisces. Feeling positively in tune with the Universe, you know just how everyone is feeling and how to improve their situations. Single Fishies expect an intense meeting to take your breath away, whilst couples will relish the romantic mood and relentless displays of affection. Inspirational colours are purple and dark pink. Lucky numbers are 28 and 23.

Sun Nov 5: Full Moon

This cycle is about facing your fears and surmounting them, Pisces. For too long you have wavered in following your true passions and hidden your desires behind a practical façade. You have contemplated the worst that could happen and often erred on the side of caution. It's time to sort reality from fiction - fear from practicality. Energising colours are sky blue and fudge. Lucky numbers are 14 and 6.

Mon Nov 6: Active And Balanced

Despite the stressful moments attached to the day, you balance your responsibilities with ease. Don't forget to have fun though, Pisces. Once the daily chores are completed to your satisfaction, organize a gathering or special meal with your mate. Relish the evening hours discussing the daily trials and victories. Favourable colours are golden honey and maroon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 72.

Tue Nov 7: New Connections

There is a successful union forming, Pisces. This can be career or love, or both for some Fish. You have planted the seeds and now you begin to see the first buds of happiness and contentment form as you unite with another. This connection has long term potential so give it everything that you have. Positive colours are aubergine and lemon. Lucky numbers are 39 and 21.

Wed Nov 8: Sensuous Spark

Turn away from social concerns today and focus solely on your passions. Be it love or creativity, your instincts are ignited and you desire to pour your heart and soul into your efforts. A positive vibration for new and long-lasting love, as it adds a sensuous and sincere romantic spark. Positive colours are grey and rich purple. Lucky numbers are 39 and 18.

Thu Nov 9: Closure Found

This recent mood of passion intensified, happiness discovered and unified connection has finally laid a ghost to rest. A past hurt that has been hindering your progress due to fear and caused you to be hesitant, finally reaches its moment of closure. You decide to let go and move on. Dynamic colours are shimmering green and silver. Lucky numbers are 13 and 2.

Fri Nov 10: Turning Away

You are content with your life at the moment and it's impossible for you to feel the stress levels that others are experiencing. A friend in need may reach out to you, but you turn them away. You really don't have the energy or desire to help at the moment, but they fail to understand this. Beneficial colours are dark red and bronze. Lucky numbers are 16 and 51.

Sat Nov 11: Stand Tall

You need to stand firm in the face of negative opinion today Pisces. Others appear to be judging you and acting in a condescending manner. Be brave and defend your ideals. Thinking quickly on your feet can divert a confrontation. Favourable colours are creamy orange and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 2 and 19.

Sun Nov 12: Back To Basics

Whilst you achieve some level of success and recognition in one area of your life, another area has suffered. Perhaps a bill has been mislaid and remains unpaid, or an individual that is close to you feels neglected. Take time out to focus on the basics for a while. Ideal colours are aquamarine and dark gold. Lucky numbers are 31 and 1.

Mon Nov 13: Everyone Loves Pisces

You bring warmth to all you touch today and you're are an absolute pleasure to be around. People feel safe and nurtured in your presence as you listen intently and assist them in loving ways. If planning a career change, try to organize an interview soon, as your charm and wit ensures you are successful. Insightful colours are nutmeg and cherry. Lucky numbers are 13 and 36.

Tue Nov 14: Sensitive Pisces

Don't waiver, Pisces - keep your eye on the target and ignore external noise. Remember, negative opinion from others is not necessarily sound advice. You are extremely sensitive at the moment and can easily assume the worst in other's deeds. Be patient and ride this wave. If insecure, ask questions before taking action. Inspirational colours are ginger and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 18 and 17.

Wed Nov 15: Button Up

Rather than attempt to force others to accept your way of thinking, you need to listen as well as expressing your thoughts. Your goals will be achieved a lot quicker if you work with others, instead of viewing challenges as a time to be competitive. Finding the path to compromise is the most positive choice in this situation. Uplifting colours are apricot and cobalt blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.

Thu Nov 16: Offload The Excess

You have taken on too many tasks at once Pisces and the strain is beginning to show. You need to stop and assess your present agenda and see what responsibilities you are able to pass on to others. There is no need to lay blame, you volunteered, but now it is just too much. Discussions assist you to find release. Favourable colours are walnut and primrose. Lucky numbers are 4 and 36.

Fri Nov 17: Rose Tinted Glasses

This is reflective energy and you are beset with past memories. Too often we tend to become too romantic about situations that have been lost to us and fail to recall the negatives aspects. Enjoy this trip down memory lane but don't become too sentimental about an issue that was not in your best interests. Ideal colours are mango and dark green. Lucky numbers are 8 and 70.

Sat Nov 18: Proud Moment

Whether others approve of your present position or not, you care little for their opinions or approval. You have made decisions and surmounted hurdles, feeling extremely proud of your accomplishments and no longer feel the desire for external validation. New inspiration or instinct is worth looking into further. Explore ways of bringing this into being. Auspicious colours are parchment and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 20 and 51.

Sun Nov 19: Empathetic Pisces

You have experienced a great deal along your life journey and learned the harshest lessons of life. Your knowledge of the world's pain ensures you are always the empathetic soul in the group. Gather your strength as someone close to you needs your assistance. Guide and assist them with love and wisdom and show them the path to understanding. Prosperous colours are spring green and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 30 and 73.

Mon Nov 20: New Moon

This cycle is about exploring your options further. Study is indicated as the Universe encourages you to build upon what you already have learned in life so far. Hard work enables you to improve your financial position in the future. New beginnings need solid seeds and this is best achieved through improving the learning experience. Beneficial colours are passionfruit and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 11 and 43.

Tue Nov 21: Don't Gossip!

You are somewhat overwhelmed by the tasks in front of you and desire to relax and chat. Be wary of those who thrive on gossip. Despite your interest and the web of intrigue they weave, avoid becoming involved. The tables could easily turn and karma could see things rebound on you at a later stage. Beneficial colours are dark purple and antique gold. Lucky numbers are 38 and 65.

Wed Nov 22: Peace And Balance

Slow down just a touch and catch your breath. With such a wild and noisy world, no sign more than yours needs to take a break! Assess your routine and find ways of bringing more balance into the equation. Are you sleeping and getting enough relaxation? Is your diet nutritious enough? Nurture yourself for a change, Pisces. Fortunate colours are blackberry and magnolia. Lucky numbers are 6 and 52.

Thu Nov 23: Boiling Point

There has been a situation bubbling away in the background that finally reaches boiling point. This is not the time to be indecisive or to seek to act in denial. You need to trust your instincts Pisces, as what is said on the surface actually has no basis in truth. Protect yourself. Harmonious colours are mushroom and avocado. Lucky numbers are 4 and 19.

Fri Nov 24: Don't Lose Heart

Nothing seems to flow the way you desire it to and there are disappointments ahead, Pisces. The Stars are messy, communications difficult, delays are experienced and planning seems impossible. Don't lose heart as this is a passing phase and do your best to be flexible and find humour in the mishaps. Fortunate Jupiter changes sign to adventurous Sagittarius, bringing luck and positivoity to your career life in the months ahead. Propitious colours are aquamarine and lavender. Lucky numbers are 16 and 35.

Sat Nov 25: As It Comes

There is a positive breakthrough today, but you need to temper your enthusiasm with practicality. To become too optimistic or enthusiastic leaves you prone to a let down if this break in the clouds is not followed by another one in the near future. Enjoy what comes to you, but expect to wait for more. Auspicious colours are blonde and auburn. Lucky numbers are 2 and 50.

Sun Nov 26: Romantic Bliss

Romance and domesticity are the focus under these Stars. Steadfast single fishies may finally decide to commit, or the lonely solo Pisces meets their soul mate. Couples feel like celebrating their union and relish their time together. Your creative streak is ignited, so if not entertaining, explore your passions. Warm bath, candles, scented oil, music.... Sensual colours are chocolate and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 8 and 34.

Mon Nov 27: Evolving

Things are not as bleak as they seem, Pisces. Sure, there have been delays and frustrations but things are still evolving. How about trying to see the situation from an objective point of view? You will swiftly see that nothing is really that bad and there are alternatives. You just need to adjust your approach. Positive colours are aubergine and rose pink. Lucky numbers are 18 and 35.

Tue Nov 28: Look At Your Approach

So, option A didn't work out as hoped and option B is looking pretty dodgy. You still have option C. Yesterday, the attitude needed adjusting so keep working on that. Look at your approach. Perhaps it is the hindrance of others that is creating these hurdles, in which case you need a whole new plan! Expressive colours are terracotta and teal blue. Lucky numbers are 38 and 5.

Wed Nov 29: Time To Rest

Move away from the daily responsibilities a little and have a break. You need some time to yourself, Pisces. Recent twists in events have caught you by surprise and you need this space to regain your strength and to connect with your internal guidance. Sleep can be difficult at this time but grab it when you can. Soothing colours are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 2 and 40.

Thu Nov 30: Enhanced Confidence

Connecting with your inner self has allowed you to boost your confidence and reconnect with the essential faith necessary to achieve your desires. It's wise to seek guidance from someone in authority about your intended plans. It sure won't hurt! Ideal colours are pearl and black velvet. Lucky numbers are 10 and 60.


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