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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for October 2006
Sun Oct 1: Lesson In Conflict

There are tensions in the female world, Pisces. This can be a friend, work colleague, older family member or simply someone in the crowd who disagrees with you. Whilst you have the best intentions and believe you have a deeper understanding of what's involved, lower your expectations and listen to the opinions of others. Inspirational colours are umber and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 31 and 43.

Mon Oct 2: Intense Dreams

Your insight leads your actions, as the Aquarius Moon moving through your twelfth house of hidden elements focuses on past loss and future goals. Dreams can be intense and unusual - write them down on awakening. It is difficult to express your present thoughts, as words are somewhat elusive. Beneficial colours are russet and ivory. Lucky numbers are 26 and 55.

Tue Oct 3: Positive Results

Your focus on romance or finances receives a positive reward. Love takes a serious twist, or your career efforts pay off. Happiness in the present day eases the stressful influence of a past event. Appreciate that the change of attitude and extra confidence you are working right now is really happening for you. Fortunate colours are salmon and lemon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 67.

Wed Oct 4: New Information

There is a learning curve to this influence. You'll receive instruction from someone regarding higher ideals or legal matters, or conversely, you'll be the one giving advice. Communications cut straight to the heart of the matter. This can be difficult and cause you to withdraw from the crowd to contemplate the new information. Ideal colours are persimmon and navy. Lucky numbers are 50 and 14.

Thu Oct 5: Think Carefully

Be wary Pisces, because you're emotionally charged, romantic and excitable. In matters of love and finances, look for a solid basis before taking a risk, even if it looks like a definite success. Patience is difficult to master with Uranus in your sign, but this is a lesson that Saturn is encouraging you to learn. Consider all outcomes before blindly leaping. Favourable colours are silvery grey and treacle. Lucky numbers are 22 and 12.

Fri Oct 6: Validity Of Connections

Relationships come under fire with these Stars. It is a make or break influence, one which highlights all that is not as it should be. Communications involve serious matters of longevity and commitment. Passions must be mutual and share the same ideals to take the next step forward. Follow this lead to discover the true intentions involved with present connections. Expansive colours are primrose and moonlight blue. Lucky numbers are 25 and 31.

Sat Oct 7: Full Moon

The Full Moon focuses on financial ambition, self opinion and life's passions. The Universe has highlighted your talents, now they must be explored. Confidence in yourself is essential - and expressing your inner passions is paramount to success. You should strive for financial independence now. Your lover is supportive, as you become less subservient. Positive colours are dark gold and dark green. Lucky numbers are 38 and 23.

Sun Oct 8: Serious Discussions

Faith is in the firing line today. A good grip on reality is needed, as you remain far too firm in what you believe. Try to accept what the Universe is trying to share with you. Stubborn situations involving opposing opinions with intimate females adds to present tensions. Avoid spending lavishly on items of beauty, as this will damage your budget plan. Providential colours are teal blue and dusky pink. Lucky numbers are 3 and 42.

Mon Oct 9: Excessive

Slow down, Pisces. Your insecurities lead you to be forceful when expressing your views. Take a step back and assess your goals. Validation from others is not needed. Remember, this is your journey and while support is nice, the challenge is to stand firm and fly solo. Travel considerations are whimsical, but watch the spending. Auspicious colours are sage and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 22 and 44.

Tue Oct 10: Entertain For Success

As the Moon slides into social, inquisitive Gemini, the tensions ease. Exploring your creative talents exposes an earning possibility. If you enjoy networking to increase your opportunities, organise a social gathering with those you wish to impress. Discussing your financial concerns with educated advisers helps find a positive solution. Fortunate colours are lavender and ginger. Lucky numbers are 34 and 31.

Wed Oct 11: Charming Temptations

Despite the desire for excitement and action, listen to your instincts. Those who are full of charm and empty promises appeal at this time. Don't allow your desire for romantic connection, or even a life of riches to tempt you away from creative goals and independence. Be your own confident being. Expressive colours are blackberry and jade. Lucky numbers are 21 and 16.

Thu Oct 12: Positive Shift

The fog clears and you approach the day with a realistic attitude. Confusing situations now face your moment of decision. Connections lacking solid basis and long-term potential fall by the wayside. Expect praise and appreciation for your hard-working efforts with these Stars; the Universe has noted your dedication. Favourable colours are purple and pastel pink. Lucky numbers are 19 and 44.

Fri Oct 13: Affectionate

The emotional impact of the Cancer Moon encourages you to express your inner feelings to those you love. Feeling romantic and craving affectionate connection leaves you prone to being possessive with your loves. Resist the temptation to smother. Allow compassion and sensitivity to guide you through a romantic and whimsical situation, rather than forcing the emotions to flow. Check out Friday 13th! Harmonious colours are azure and peach. Lucky numbers are 4 and 56.

Sat Oct 14: Emotional Truth

The intensity of your emotional needs heats up, Pisces. Relations either become more intimate, or reach a point of honest admission where there is little need to continue. Children feature quite strongly, as do family connections. Gatherings can be tense, or wonderfully warm. Clashes are due to emotional overload, so don't take them too seriously. Fortunate colours are smoky quartz and dark red. Lucky numbers are 26 and 8.

Sun Oct 15: Playful Pisces

It's time to be playful, Pisces. You have been working hard to make your life the happiest it has ever been, and it's working. Relations with females face tension, but you can clear the air with honest communications. This rocks the present balance but it also solves some concerns, allowing you to focus once more on what pleases you most. Stabilising colours are cream and saffron. Lucky numbers are 24 and 7.

Mon Oct 16: Study Contemplations

Concentrate on your creativity and people skills, Pisces. Further study is food for thought, as it holds the key to increase your earning capacity. Communication with those at a distance is enlightening; many of you may travel to fascinating cultural destinations. Messages from family members change the agenda, so be flexible. Healing colours are chestnut and orchid. Lucky numbers are 13 and 11.

Tue Oct 17: Organized

The stars are perfectly lined up for a productive day, Pisces. As the Moon moves into analytical Virgo, problem solving is a breeze. Take time out of the daily grind to clean out excess clutter and organise your work space. This is also a positive time to make an objective assessment of your budget organization. Strong colours are cobalt blue and shimmering yellow. Lucky numbers are 2 and 26.

Wed Oct 18: Overly Critical

Whilst the Virgo Moon encourages the analytical cleansing of space, it also highlights areas of imbalance that need adjusting. Within relationships, this can cause an overly critical attitude. Be wary of creating an upheaval simply for the sake of emotional excitement. Building a mountain out of a molehill is not a productive way of solving problems. Inspirational colours are persimmon and jasmine. Lucky numbers are 40 and 55.

Thu Oct 19: Moody

You are determined to get your own way and have little tolerance for the input of others. Despite your desire for harmony, you are focused on proving your own righteousness. Find the middle line and remain objective. This mood is spurred on by a past memory. Locate the source for closure and solution. Insightful colours are blackcurrant and bright red. Lucky numbers are 18 and 65.

Fri Oct 20: Slow And Steady

The Libra Moon finds you indecisive and complacent, Pisces. Avoid making important decisions at this time; simply focus on activities that sooth your soul. Internal calm is found by exploring your creative talents, meditation, or sensually relaxing with your lover. Be wary of hefty purchases, as your general vibration lacks strict discipline. Be conservative. Favourable colours are chocolate and caramel. Lucky numbers are 9 and 64.

Sat Oct 21: Love Everlasting

Romance is on your mind, Pisces. Look for the one who attracts you with their ideals and intellect, over the good looks factor. Love at a distance is highly probable, but be warned: this energy does have a clouded quality. The ultimate lover can be a deluded dream or an everlasting soul-mate. Keep an open mind. It's Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights! Dynamic colours are silvery grey and jet black. Lucky numbers are 8 and 20.

Sun Oct 22: New Moon

The focus of this cycle is to allow your higher ideals to flow into the realms of your daily living and romantic connections. Relationships and goals must reach your soul for them to be successful. You need to study more, travel more, and experience alternative cultures for life experience and spiritual understanding. Despite your inner-knowing, life is calling you to broaden your horizons. Propitious colours are walnut and almond. Lucky numbers are 13 and 64.

Mon Oct 23: Listen And Learn

You prefer solitude today and are keen to find alternative solutions, Pisces. Take a back seat and allow another, who is wise, to guide you through this moment. It is difficult to hold back on your opinions, but there is much to learn from this interaction. Observe, absorb and learn a fascinating alternative. Expressive colours are taupe and dark purple. Lucky numbers are 17 and 22.

Tue Oct 24: Question Impulses

The challenge with this Scorpio Moon (and impressive quantities of Scorpio planetary influence) is finding balance within passionate interests. Be it lovers, ideals or talents, it is far too easy to follow something blindly, without discovering the core elements involved. Question your instincts before leaping, Pisces. Better to be safe than sorry. Prosperous colours are magenta and rich brown. Lucky numbers are 32 and 11.

Wed Oct 25: Be Certain

For those considering study or travel options, mark this date. Be flexible, as disruptive Uranus throws surprises and delays into the mix. Success is found by following your higher aspirations. One word of advice Pisces, be sure your plans have solid grounding. Making commitments when you desire excitement alone, leaves you prone to chasing empty dreams. Ideal colours are bronze and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 32 and 76.

Thu Oct 26: Vibrant Energy

The Sagittarius Moon creates vibrant energy and strength so you are well placed to face something that has been confusing you recently. Decisions are made one way or the other, Pisces. Rebellious and determined, this energy forces you to let go of connections that are not in your best interests. Prosperous colours are tangerine and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 10 and 33.

Fri Oct 27: Comfort In The Crowd

Relationships flow smoothly today, Pisces. Social connections are a source of comfort and support, especially trusted female confidantes. Spending time with like-minded people increases your inspiration and motivation. If you've been hesitating to join a group or class that interests you, take the plunge now. You will really enjoy the interaction. Favourable colours are charcoal and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 38 and 47.

Sat Oct 28: Spark Of Excitement

You bring a spark of excitement and an unusual perspective to your social circle, Pisces. Your recent studies and contemplations can enlighten others. Surprisingly, advice given to others also solves a concern of your own. Someone known to you may have just the ticket for future financial increase. Follow their lead. Read more on Mercury Retrograde! Positive colours are pale pink and dark green. Lucky numbers are 34 and 31.

Sun Oct 29: Peace And Quiet

Interactions and contemplations cause a frown, Pisces. Logic and realism are essential to sort through the mass of possibilities before you. It is best to put some distance between you and those who cause upheaval with their points of view. Meditation or quiet activity allows your mind to ponder present concerns and find your own solutions. Beneficial colours are burnt orange and cobalt blue. Lucky numbers are 19 and 42.

Mon Oct 30: Dream Your Dreams

Dealing with the essentials can be bothersome, Pisces. The external noise and demands of others makes for a difficult balance. Find some solitude to consider your own needs. Complete your responsibilities, but lower your expectations regarding personal performance. The Moon meets Neptune today and all you desire is personal space to dream your dreams. Fortunate colours are jade and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 16.

Tue Oct 31: Halloween

Control the passion behind your words, or you run the risk of isolating yourself from those you wish to hold closest. You are drawn to higher ideals, discovering new perspectives and opinions to enhance your faith. Remain firm within your convictions but avoid expressing them too self-righteously. It's Halloween! Click for more! Propitious colours are blonde and auburn. Lucky numbers are 32 and 73.


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