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astrology - pisces daily horoscope for september 2006
friday, september 1st, 2006

Get out of town -- your senses could use a change of scenery. Just make sure you do it on the down low. Your usual grand style will attract too much attention for the cozy, low-key trip you want to take.

saturday, september 2nd, 2006

A travel opportunity arrives out of the blue. It may be as innocuous as traffic forcing you to take a different route to work, but the journey will show you something you've been taking for granted for too long.

sunday, september 3rd, 2006

Those big plans require a lot of stability. To restore your sense of balance, get outdoors. Breathe deeply. Heck, while you're at it, pick up some litter. You can do some good while you're enjoying yourself.

monday, september 4th, 2006

The great outdoors won't seem so great today. Whether it's because of bad weather, annoying noise, yucky pollution or pesky bugs, you won't be eager to spend too much time outside. Instead, you'll want to be in an environment you can control, something with less unpredictability. Deep inside of you, you may need less stimulation -- your senses want a break. Quiet music, comfortable surroundings and a familiar environment will help you feel content.

tuesday, september 5th, 2006

Have you been playing a marathon game of phone tag with a friend? It's time to stop the madness -- do whatever you can to get in touch today. Put as much energy into this task as possible, because reconnecting with this person is more important than you think. While you're reaching out, give a nod or two to a schoolmate or coworker who's been working hard and getting less recognition than they deserve. Make sure everyone knows that this person deserves a round of applause.

wednesday, september 6th, 2006

You may have a hard time focusing on what's on your plate right now -- the tantalizing events coming down the road are a big distraction. It's a wonderful thing to have something to look forward to, so don't begrudge yourself that joy. However, the tasks of today are important too, so try to focus on them. A wise strategy might be to tackle your to-do list as early in the day as possible. That way, you can spend the rest of the day getting excited about the future.

thursday, september 7th, 2006

Inspiration comes in countless forms today -- and on top of that, you're extremely open to new ideas right now. So get ready for a bombardment of stimulation! Strangers are suddenly fascinating, and boring bosses are suddenly brilliant. If you've been waiting for a creative spark to come your way, you're going to get exactly what you need -- and then some. Let it all wash over you as the day moves forward, then settle on one or two solid ideas that you think have real value.

friday, september 8th, 2006

You might feel as if your fate is in other people's hands right now, but the truth is that you're the only one in control of your destiny -- now and always. Moreover, whatever happens today, you can deal with it using your customary composure. While the people around you are certainly powerful, they don't hold a candle to you today -- you're totally in charge! Spend time with the people in your life whom you care about, and remember what matters most.

saturday, september 9th, 2006

There's a strong energy of appreciation around you right now, so expect a surge in your popularity -- so much of a surge that you might be a little embarrassed about it! The hardest part of your day will be figuring out what to do with all the praise being heaped on you. So why not spread it around? You definitely deserve it (you know you do!), but so do some others. You can probably think of two people right off the bat. Go out and sing their praises.

sunday, september 10th, 2006

Feeling a bit of a time crunch right now? Organization is the key to handling everything you're dealing with today -- just like it usually is. To find a solution, investigate a new method of managing your time ... and consider investing in an electronic device that can keep you on top of things. No one is complaining, but you're only going to get busier in the coming weeks. Don't worry -- it will be a good busy -- but you're wise to prepare.

monday, september 11th, 2006

Today, check out the view from the back seat of your life. That means you should accept the direction things are headed in now without wasting your precious energy trying to push things down a different path. Just sit back and let things be what they're going to be. After all, you might end up liking it! Taking this attitude doesn't mean you don't care about what's going on -- it just means you're smart enough to know where your energy is most effective.

tuesday, september 12th, 2006

Just like that little engine chugging up that big mountain, you're chock-full of persistence today. Nothing can stop you once you have your heart set on something (or someone), and today you know exactly what you need to do. The momentum you've created is going to take you very far toward your goal. But if you need any encouragement at all, you'll find it from the usual sources: the friends and family members you cherish the most. They're ready to be your cheerleaders.

wednesday, september 13th, 2006

If you really want to make a difference in your community, you have a great opportunity to do just that today. All you need to do is make sure you're in the middle of the action as much as possible. So accept any invitations that come your way, and if you hear about something that you want to get involved in -- do it! This isn't a time for you to lead; right now you'll do better following. Good stuff is happening, so why don't you join in?

thursday, september 14th, 2006

They say that haste makes waste, but today you should feel free to move as quickly as you need to. If you have a plan, carry it out! Don't slow down for anyone or anything right now ... if other people can't keep up with you, that's not your problem. You can't always be in sync with the folks around you, and they wouldn't want to be responsible for holding you back anyway. So don't worry about burning bridges. Just go full steam ahead!

friday, september 15th, 2006

The ongoing negotiations you've been dealing with should reach a milestone today -- progress is in the air and things should start to look promising, finally! If nothing happens by midafternoon, make an important (and probably difficult) decision. It might be time to cut your losses and move on. There's a point at which continued effort only wastes your energy ... and that point is rapidly approaching. Continuing on the same path after today is not advised.

saturday, september 16th, 2006

Investigate some new ways to communicate your ideas today -- an email just isn't going to be able to do justice to the scope of what you're trying to say. Whether your thoughts are simple or complicated, they deserve more than words. Try to get face-to-face with the people you need to talk to -- even if it means putting off the conversation for a few days. Nonverbal elements of the discussion are very important, and they'll make all the difference in getting your point across.

sunday, september 17th, 2006

The people you choose to associate with say a lot about who you are, so be aware of the company you keep. If you're growing attached to a person who's relatively new to your life, that connection will grow stronger today -- either through a shared experience or a shared interest. To encourage this growth, make all of your conversations with this person sort of investigative. Ask a lot of questions, and you'll learn more about their life and your feelings about them.

monday, september 18th, 2006

Playing the popular game of 'hard to get' is not the smartest strategy for you today. Actually, game playing in general is not advised in life: It causes way too much confusion and is inherently disrespectful to the other person. If you want to be part of someone's life, you need to be up front. Don't get caught up in which one of you is making the first move -- all you should be focusing on is establishing communications. So swallow your pride and do what it takes.

tuesday, september 19th, 2006

If given the choice between action and relaxation today, it might be wisest for you to opt for the quieter path. This is not an ideal time to be taking on new responsibilities or increasing your public profile. Rather, it's the perfect time to indulge in some sanity-saving alone time. Even if you feel no need for solitude, it couldn't hurt to have some time to think about recent events. Plan out a new course of action for the coming months.

wednesday, september 20th, 2006

The level of your hand-eye coordination might not be too high today, so avoid any physical tasks that require a great deal of precision. Machines will be your nemesis -- this includes computers and other types of electronic devices. It's not a great time to go shopping for that newfangled device you've had your eye on for so long -- your mind is better suited for organic items. Take a walk in the great outdoors and enjoy the foliage. You can get back into the modern world tomorrow.

thursday, september 21st, 2006

There's a sweet gesture of friendship coming your way, but you need to be standing still to see it. In other words, if you keep going at the rate you're going, you could miss out on someone's subtle attempts to connect with you. So slow down your mind, pare down your schedule and don't push any harder to finish your projects today ... what you've waited for is about to come your way. You just have to make sure you don't rush ahead of it.

friday, september 22nd, 2006

As the curtain comes up on the drama of this day, you're in the thick of things right away! You're a featured player, and definitely the hero of the story. You come across some implausible adventures that satisfy any urge you have for adventure. This is a day to remember -- full of romance, intrigue, secrets and a few deceptions. But by the time the curtain goes down and your head hits the pillow, the drama will be done and you'll be content.

saturday, september 23rd, 2006

Financially speaking, you may be on relatively solid ground right now -- but it wouldn't hurt you to conserve a little bit more of your money. Cut back on some of your excessive spending and get more aggressive in your savings plan (you do have a savings plan, right?). Credit cards can be tempting traps, so don't use them at all today if you can help it. You've worked too hard for every penny to let even one slip through your fingers.

sunday, september 24th, 2006

Have you ever tried to push a boiled noodle across a countertop? It's not very easy to do -- there's no structure to support your pressure, so the harder you push, the more of a mess you make. Remember that today when you come across something you want to change or push aside. The situation won't respond to your pressure, no matter how great. And like the noodle, if you push too hard, you'll end up with a big mess on your hands. Let things take their natural course. In the end, it will be better for you this way.

monday, september 25th, 2006

You've spent so much time in the center of the action lately that it might be a smart move to step back and look at things from an outsider's perspective. Pretend you don't know the ins and outs of everyone you care about in your life ... how do these important people appear when you see them as strangers? This isn't an exercise in judging others -- rather, it's an effective way to remind yourself of how amazing the people in your life are. You're very lucky, and you need to know it.

tuesday, september 26th, 2006

There's the appropriate time for excessive, over-the-top behavior, and the universe says that today is definitely not it! Try on a more demure demeanor for a while, and bite your tongue in controversial conversations; you need to maintain as much harmony as possible. In order to do that, you need to let other people step out into the spotlight and take control. Squelching your charming personality may feel like a waste, but it's just a wise way to get through the day.

wednesday, september 27th, 2006

Be careful not to hold too tightly onto old ideas right now ... new ideas are not always better, but they're always worth investigating. So don't ever close your mind off to innovative thinking. Today, if someone introduces something that makes you uncomfortable, don't be too reactionary. A narrow mind is just that -- narrow. That means it's too small to accommodate anything of real value. Open your mind, and invite in things that make you ponder. You'll end up wiser.

thursday, september 28th, 2006

This is a day for selfless action ... you need to turn away from your personal worries and put yourself at someone else's disposal. Contact a friend who's been going through a tough time and ask them if you can do anything to lighten their load. Your gestures of compassion are powerful tools you can use to grow your relationship. Now is not the time to keep track of the favors you grant. It will all come back to you -- you need to trust that what you give will return to you tenfold.

friday, september 29th, 2006

There's no way to change the past, so you need to settle in and be comfortable with it. What you did (or didn't do) will fade as time progresses, which means it's time to look ahead and leave all of the bad memories behind you. As you wait for the negative feelings to subside, your patience will get you through the rough parts -- and the people who love you will offer great distractions. Get with your friends, and remind yourself about the bright future ahead.

saturday, september 30th, 2006

Confused about a big decision? Don't be! All you have to do is sort out the pros and cons, and the answer will be clear. Of course, deciding what exactly a 'pro' is and what a 'con' is can be tricky. Think about it like this: If something is going to help you grow or improve, it's a pro. If something is going to offer nothing but short-term reward, it's a con. Your next steps in life should be focused on long-term gain. It's sort of like the difference between junk food and organic produce.


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