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Who Killed Kurt Donald Cobain, Artist and Musician of Nirvana?

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Courtney Love was unpopular with Nirvana fans who felt that she was just using him as a vehicle to make herself famous. After just a few months of marriage, Kurt was becoming very vocal about his disgust for Courtney's lavish lifestyle and her need for material wealth. At the same time, he was wanting to get out of the music business, which meant voiding his contract and would have cost Courtney tons of money. He just wanted a simple life, out of the spotlight, and the music business and Courtney was killing his dream. He even changed his will to exclude her but couldn't get it made official before he was killed.

Let's face the facts here, without him, she's nothing. Without him making music, she stands to lose much of Kurt's income, which she's increasingly more dependent upon. And if he was going to divorce her, she would only get half of what he was worth. Killing him ensured that Courtney got EVERYTHING, and she did. It's no wonder why so many people feel like she was behind his untimely death.

Anyone who grew up with me knows how much of a huge fan I was of Kurt Cobain and the music he created with Nirvana. He was truly my first real inspiration, I completely felt his music and could relate entirely too well. I never understood why his music had such a profound impact and felt so true to me until I discovered that we actually share the same birthday.

Well in his honor, I thought I'd post some thoughts about his untimely murder which was definitely conspired by that slut Courtney. It's been 14 years and his daughter is still under the impression that he killed himself. Justice needs to happen someday and I will diligently work towards trying to help make this happen. It's going to happen, someday I hope we can all see it in the news, Courtney being carted off to jail, I can hardly wait.

See, Kurt was wanting to get out of music, and get out of the marriage. That meant a loss of income for Courtney. Do the math - he divorces her, she gets half. She kills him, she gets it all.

Ask yourselves, who is Courtney without Kurt? Exactly. Nothing.

There was a man named El Duce, someone Courtney knew. She offered him 50,000 dollars to kill Kurt. He said no and went to the authorities with his story, and he even passed a polygraph! (lie detector test) Mysteriously, within days, his body was found, he was killed by a train! Something very fishy is going on here!

That's the end of my thoughts on this at the moment, I'll elaborate and contribute more later, but the following facts below, which I've pulled mainly from cobaincase.com, will help provide further evidence to what I am also claiming.

Ok... Some quick facts here... Pulled from many sources, I'll post the links at the end...

Courtney Love and her husband, Kurt Cobain, had not been getting along. They'd been talking about divorce. Kurt did not want to tour or perform anymore. He was walking away from what Courtney said was a $9.5 million dollar contract to headline the Lollapalooza tour.


Kurt was in the process of leaving Seattle and his wife Courtney, when he was found dead. Courtney knew Kurt wanted out of the marriage. Just weeks prior to his death, she asked one of her attorneys to get the "meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer" she could find.


One of Kurt's credit cards was missing when his body was discovered. Someone was attempting to use the missing credit card after Cobain died, but the attempts stopped when his body was discovered.


The shotgun found at the scene was purchased BEFORE Cobain left for rehab in Los Angeles, NOT AFTER he fled the rehab as reported by misinformed media sources.

The shotgun was fully loaded with three shells. It was purchased and loaded for protection, not suicide. The police claim there were no legible fingerprints on this shotgun! The truth is, the shotgun wasn't even checked for fingerprints until May 6th, nearly one month after Cobain's body was found.


The note found at the scene by the police was immediately labeled as a "suicide note." The police report states it was "apparently written by Cobain to his wife and daughter, explaining why he had killed himself."

But this note was not addressed to Kurt's wife and daughter and it says nothing about "killing himself!" This note was clearly written to Cobain's fans telling them he was quitting the music business. There was only a short footnote to Courtney and Frances and the handwriting contained in those lines has been questioned by several handwriting experts.


Kurt Cobain's Alleged Suicide Note


Courtney was in possession of a second note after Kurt's body was found! SHE DIDN'T TELL ANYONE about this second note until several months later when information about it slipped out during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

The second note, the one that Courtney kept in secret, clearly defines the first note which was found at the scene of Cobain's death. The "second note" from Kurt plainly states he was leaving Courtney and he was leaving Seattle. He was NOT leaving the planet!


Cobain's heroin, (morphine), blood level was 1.52 mgs per liter. This would require a minimum injection of 225 mgs of heroin, three times a lethal dose, even for a hardcore heroin addict! The drug Diazepam, was also found in Cobain's blood system.


1. If Cobain injected himself with a deliberate heroin overdose, why would he ALSO shoot himself in the head with a shotgun, leaving his baby daughter - the love of his life - with horrific visual images to remember him by? Why not just "go to sleep" on the overdose and never wake up?

2. IF Cobain injected three times a lethal dose of heroin, COULD he then pick up a shotgun and shoot himself? Wouldn't he have been immediately incapacitated?

Based on the heroin, (morphine), blood levels found in Cobain's body, preliminary research indicates Kurt Cobain would have been immediately incapacitated. He could not have picked up that shotgun. He could not have pulled that trigger!


Cobain was not barricaded inside the room as reported by misinformed media sources.

The stool which was supposedly wedged" against the door was actually just sitting in front of the two unlocked doors that only led out to a balcony.

Cobain did not leave his Driver's License out for identification as reported by the media.

The first police officer on the scene found Cobain's closed wallet, opened it to remove Kurt's driver's license, and displayed it in order to take a photograph.


The police and the Medical Examiner have no forensic evidence that proves Cobain's death was a suicide. On the other hand, there's a substantial amount of evidence for murder.

The official verdict of "suicide" was simply a rush to judgement which eventually painted the authorities into a corner as reports of so-called "copy-cat" suicides began making the news.

As you examine this case carefully, you're going to discover there's much more to the events surrounding Cobain's death than what you've been told.

For additional information, please refer to:




If we continue to ignore the facts, justice will never be had for Kurt. That is not something I can allow myself to live with. What can we do to help? Well, if 51% of the population petitioned for the case to be reopened, that might help. And that can't happen until everyone is aware of the facts on hand.

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? Although Kurt's death was ruled a suicide, there is more than enough evidence to support the fact that Kurt Cobain was probably murdered, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that Courtney Love had an increidbly strong motive and reason for doing so.


Watch the video for Nirvana's "Come As You Are", compliments of MTV


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