my poetry ~ why do you do this to me?

so you’ve gotten the best of me and again i've lost
you took away my comfort and just gave it a toss
how could you do this to me, i didn’t do it to you
always here for you, i did what you wanted me to do

why do you have to hurt me so bad
can’t you see inside me i am already sad
i needed you most when you couldn’t be here
the only thing to see in my eye is a continuous tear

over and over you make me feel this pain
again and again from your wrath i can’t abstain
i want you to give me the feeling of being desired
but you kill me considerately and leave me so tired

i can’t see it coming before it has already come
you unravel me from the inside and leave me undone
all i ever wanted was to be loved and secure
but all i seem to get is hurt without a cure

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