my poetry ~ who I am

I live within my dreams which often become reality
and see the world animated with millions of colors.
I've discovered the offerings of mother Earth and her beauty
finding much pleasure while walking along the waters
and laying upon the beaches hearing the roar of the ocean.
Walking up a country hillside for a panorama of the stars
or standing within a field absorbing all of the wind,
always making sure that I stop to smell the flowers
seeing an infinite view after ascending on top of a mountain.

These are the things I've come to appreciate
each and everyday this life is great
I look forward to what the future will bring
and hope to absorb all and everything.

The beauty of a woman and the comfort she offers
and the most precious gift a man could have is her child.
There is not anything I appreciate as much as the Earth
except for the blessings of women and them giving birth.

This place in my mind surely not many have known
it takes away the feelings I have of being alone
and elevates me to places I've never been
illuminating the way I am finally alive again.

A masterful snake, the chinese year of my birth
perfecting perfection every step of the way,
A hopeless romantic with a heart full of love,
an angel I believe I am a gift from the heavens above.

To live and to learn, help and to heal,
deeply rooted in belief and very real.
Everywhere I go making things better
caring for family and friends, loving the weather.

join me sometime and you will see
you'd be living your days in heaven with me

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