my poetry - where are you?

where are you my dear, why aren't you holding me near
your comfort and security i need as i experience this fear
the scars from the past which will never heal
please come and show me some feelings that are real

i needed you in my life all along yet you're seldom here
and during those brief moments could it have been sincere
you come and go, bringing me happiness not without pain
in the end i'm left hurting, from my thoughts i abstain

from time to time and for a moment everything seems fine
if only you would stay maybe our lives would shine
but once again you are gone and my heart is left empty
i keep on looking for you but i am unable to see

have you ever even been born i will never know
i just keep on sinking into the vastness of below
left with painful reminders of why i should forget
and waiting for the one only makes me upset

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