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my poetry ~ alone wanderer

I walk along this path without anyone, all alone
embracing the journey I make into the unknown
Seeking truth, knowledge and all I can discover
but without the beauty of sharing it with another

where it will lead and what i will learn all come by the day
but how long can i be happy with this life of solitary
so badly do i wish i could share the beauty with a mate
a life of knowledge, experience, intuition and no hate

why do i feel this desire to not walk on my own
because all i want to do is share what can be shown
it hurts so bad at times i just want to hide
but everywhere i turn only in me can i confide

my heart and soul and spirit are here to stay
i know where the light is and it shows me the way
if i can continue on this path ive chosen i know ill be fine
but i want someone to share me and them to be mine

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"summer in and out of focus" | ©2006, Stephen Conklin, Jr.

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